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Love Quotes
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never expect love to be always at its best cause if you do, you'll never appreciate its existence. remember that there will always be one true love for you to have and to hold. it may not be the one you expect, but it's the one you deserve.
once in a lifetime, you'll find a special person who will fill the empty space in your heart and completes your soul. if you do, love him, never let him go, for you might just never find the chance again and lose him forever.
people always close their eyes knowing that somebody near them cares and loves them but we never learn, we always go for someone who already had somebody in her heart.
relationship is not how long you've been together, not how much you've given or received, not how many times you've helped each other, it's how you value one another.
sad but true: loving someone means you only want the best for her even if it means swallowing the sad reality that the best just isn't you.
sad realities: the problem with boys, they make you believe they love you but they don't, and the problem with girls, they make you believe they don't love you but in fact, they really do!
sometimes the one you love ends up hurting you the most...and sometimes, the friend who takes one into their arms and cries when you cry, turns out to be the love you never knew you wanted.
sometimes u falln love in d wrong place at the wrong time even with the wrong person & even the wrong reason but sometimes,its the feeling that makes it right!!
sometimes you ignore the one who loves you coz you know she'll stay but you're wrong coz someday, the one who loves you might find someone who'd appreciate her love w/c she didn't feel from you..
sometimes, when you love someone very much, you have to go through every tear, every heartache, every pain, cause in the end it's not how you love him, but how you hold on.
take care of the person you love, never tell lies or attempt to hurt them, because you won't know how important they are until they're out of your life.
the best part of loving isn't wishing that the person loves you as much as you do, but in feeling that you love the person far more than you thought you could.
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