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    To the

      Kings Dungeon








  Before you stands the grand palace of the King.

Before you is a massive stone wall and rot iron gate guarded by six guards looms in the foreground while in  the background lies..... 

 A three story high stone and glass marvel of construction, set with the ocean in the background and forests to both sides. 

As you approach on invitations only the drive way is comprised of  white marble looking stones. The sound of the horse hoof beats can be heard.

As your carriage stops the Butler and several servants greets you. You are asked to show your invitation to the butler and the then shows you to your already arranged room. 

Upon entrance into the Palace you enter the grand foyer, the floors made up of highly polished white black veined marble the walls draped in fine linen's and silks tapestries.

Marble stairs lead to the 2nd and 3rd floors where the guest rooms and play rooms are set.




    The King

 Handsome is the man that stands before you is a rugged and strong, young and smart. This man making a name for himself in  this hidden away realm by the making of harems.

His harems consist of only the most beautiful and  most talented of girls. What had started out as a small hobby of sorts grew into now is a most lucrative and ambitious business of  flesh and gold.