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May 2nd

[Mark] I have nothing to say so far so ill just complain about AngelFire and how gay it is. I signed up for the god damn thing and i got to pic my site address and all that shit. So i work on that site for like 5 hours and it looks alright. So i log out and decide to work on it the next day. The next day as soon as i log back to work more on the page. They started asking me to make another fucking site address, something about "membership". And so i had to get a new site address which means that i cant work on the other one which means i wasted 5 hours on that piece of shit. That makes me wanna kill somebody. But o well. fuck it, so long as i got this i guess...

June 07,2004

[Courtney]WeLl..MaRk MaY HaVe NoThInG To CoMpLaIn AbOut BuT I Do! DoNt YoU HaTe HoW AnNoYiNg PeOpLe CaN Be?! I Do. PeOpLe ThInK ThEy CaN AlWaYs TaLk ShIt...ItZ HeLlA FuNnY ToO CuZ HaLf ThE ThInGz ThEy TaLk ShIt AbOuT ThEy Do ThE SaMe ThInG. YoU KnOw WhAt Is EsPeCiAlLy AnNoYiNg? WhEn PeOpLe TrY To AcT LiKe ThEy DoNt Do SoMeThInG WhEn ThEy ReAlLy Do...AnD ThEn ThEy TalK HeLlA ShIt AbOuT PeOpLe WhO Do! AnD ThEn ItZ NoT LiKe It Is EvEn A SeCrEt CuZ EVERYONE KnOwZ WhAt ThEy ArE ReAlLy DoInG So In ThE EnD, ThE OnLy OnE ThEy ArE FoOlIng Is TheMsElF, AnD EvEn ThEn ThEy LoOk LiKe A CoMpLeTe IdIoT! So, If YoU ArE SoMeOnE WhO Is HiDiNg SoMeThInG...YoU BeTteR JuSt CoMe CleAn NoW BeCaUsE It WiLl MAkE YoU LoOk LiKe LeSs Of A FoOl...UnLeSs YoU WaNt SomEoNe To LiKe BlUrT It OuT AnD ThEn EvErYoNe WiLl KnOw AnYwAyZ AnD PeoPlE WiLl ThINk YoU ArE EvEn MoRe F-InG StUpId! ~*~ThE EnD~*~

[Courtney]6/14 Okay...so0o....something new to write....hMmMm...welllllll...I tried to delete my old entry ya kn0 so I could make a new one, and Mark like started yelling at me cuz he said he wanted it to be more like journal thingy or watever...but did he tell me that before? no0o!!! Hehe but yeah, all my drama is over, and I think I am going to have a new kitty! Hes s0o0o cute! Even if i dont get to have him...he's black with blue eyes and I named him Felix. He was supposed to be Nathan's but Nathan's mom said he couldn't have it and like I had already watched the cat for Nathan over the weekend so of COURSE I am already attached to it, and my daddy said we could keep it if Evelyn says its okay...hopefull she will because last weekend when she saw the cat she said she wanted a cat but she thought dad would say no. So there you go...i wish for a kitten and guess what i might be getting...a kitten! Yay....AND...School is almost over! That makes me so happy. even though we go back at the end of August now because our Governor is a fucking idiot! So its like, i get ripped off of like two extra weeks of vacation. You have no idea how much that pisses me off. I guess that is what we get when we have an actor for a Governor. Loser... ~*~ThE EnD~*~

[Courtney]6/16 Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!! Skewl is over!!!! I'm so0o happy! Aren't you happy too? Well you should be...I was thinking about it and, who actually reads this? Does ne1 even know about this page? I seriously doubt it...I should be working on mine instead of tis one but no0o im so nice that I'll work on this one instead. See how nice I am?! Okay...thats all! ~*~ThE EnD~*~

[Mark]Well well well.. im sure everyone's dying to know what the fuck that pic is. To start out with, it's a pic of a wound from a paintball gun shot at point blank range, the "victim"(me) also didnt have a shirt on when the gun was fired. The reason: i was thinkig and i realized that with a total of almost 8 hours of paintball battles i've never been shot by a paintball gun... so i decided to have my girlfriend shoot me. I also had her sign the paintball before she shot it, and sign the wound afterwards. HAHA it was funny. [Courtney] Do YoU KnOw HoW MuCh He HaD To BeG Me To ShOoT HiM?! LiKe TwO WhOlE WeEkS. It WaS AwFuL! I So DiD NoT WaNt To Do It...BuT I DiD...WhAt A GoOd GiRlFrIenD...

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12:31 PM
Friday, June 11, 2004

In Heart's Depths

My hope for us is to be eternal
Until I take my one last breath
My love for you will burn forever
Like a candle in heart's depths

Iím in search of a word that doesnít exist,
So I can describe the sensation I feel in your kiss.
Exiled in confusion I follow this nightfire,
Trying to explain to you my burning desire.

This word is not love it is not hate,
For love is blind and it can make a mistake.
How could I describe the chill down my spine?
The sudden warmth when your heart beats close to mine

I find myself just staring
Stupid as I must look
At your eyes always daring
There's no ending to this book

I'm happy as I could ever be
Just holding you in my arms
I wish for all the world to see
That you are free of all lifes harms

We can gaze at the stars,
Imaginary ones will do,
What ever it takes just to be with you.

Will all this be eternal
Until I take my one last breath
Because my love for you will burn forever
Like a candle in heart's depths

- Mark Taylor

Headliner: [Mark]Yeh so here is your hostess Mark Taylor for another one of these stupid headliners.... The best news i got so far is... i signed up for the Marine Corps!!! tadah!! Im excited to go to boot camp for one reason: im gonna kick so much fucking ass! But the problem is, i cant take ANYTHING with me.... they'll take it all away when i get there, from my backpack.. to my god damn underwear... if there was one thing i could bring with me to boot camp that they would let me keep for that duration of basic, i say i would bring my........ GIRL FRIEND yay! (dont you feel special courtney? well you should...) Then i really would have no worries cuz the only thing that's holding me back is my g/f im gonna miss her LOTS and LOTS and LOTS! Anyways hopefully my cute babe decides she wants to hang out with me today. Well that's all folks, until next time.

Attention!!!:I have a band in the making though we lack everything but a guitarist which we have maybe two more than we should. Anyway im kicking out some of the guitarist and were gonna need a drummer a bassist so someone fucking play for us. And oh by the way we dont play that "lets sound like a girl and sing love songs" type of songs so forget it. In addition, we do not want untalented newbies that barely started playing are my requirements too difficult to meet? Well too fucking bad then i guess ur not good enough!!! But if some how someone is actually good enough email me!


Name: Mark, Ghost, cuddlecakes, teddly, ect...
My NaMe: Courtney, PoPo, and no others!

Hieght: 5'5 ok short i know i know but i got taller
My HeIgHt: 5'21/2...not short I know

B-Day: 4/2/1986
My B-DaY: August 6, 1988

Weight: 128 lbs
My WeIgHt: Don't you know its rude to ask that question? I refuse to answer!

Sex: yes please (Male)
My SeX: None for Mark

Marital Status: Taken by Poodles
My MaRitAl StAtUs: I'm not taken by ne1, cuz I'm my own person! But Mark is my boyfriend...only on the days that end with 'y' tho.

Age: 18 (oh shit baby!!!!!)
My AgE: 15...I feel so young...

Location: Bay Area, California
My LoCaTiOn: Same as his ^^^^

Race: 3/4 Filipino 1/4 Black
My RaCe: German, Irish, Italian, & Filipino

Shit i like doing: playing a guitar, singing, swords, knives, guns, swimming, kick boxing, wrestling, working out, hangiNg out with friends, climbing, food, doing lots of crazy shit, and some more stuff
StUfF I LiKe DoInG:umMm...I don't know what to put under this because...I don't have any yeah...

Shit i dislike: smacking while eating, lies, broken promises, wiggas i hate wiggas
StUfF I DiSlIkE: annoying people...I can't stand annoying people!

What i look for in a woman/girl: beautiful eyes, cute smiles, cuddling, kissing, playfuLness, good sense of humor, wont be embarassed to be with me, open minded, can express her feelings well, honesty, and just being herself around me

What i DONT look for in a woman/girl: bad sense of humor, ones that dont get mY jokes, ones that hate to cuddle, nOt open minded, two faced, plastic personality, and stuck up girls

Bands i like: Evanesence, Mushroom Head, Chevelle, Taproot, MSI (mindless self indulgence), Manson, Slipknot, Korn, American Head Charge, Finger Eleven, Cold, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Tool (god band), Mudvayne, Deaftones, Dope, Disturbed, Union Underground, Otep, Nonpoint, Hatebreed, Static X, System of a Down, Fenix Tx, From Autumn to Ashes, Three Days Grace, Lost Prophets, Systematic, Pure Rubbish, Seether, *looking trOugh his CDs* oh yeah, Machine Head, RAMMSTEIN. DAMNIT i cant remember all of em...

Ways to contact me:
AIM: Aeophoenix
WaYs To CoNtAcT Me:
AIM: Sassykitten707