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See Habbo through a new light


cHabbo is yet another Habbo Hotel fan site.  We are hoping to
take a new angle with cHabbo so that it doesnt resembles the
other HH fan sites.  For a start, cHabbo is focused on all Hotels
instead of just

June 17, 2004
Grand opening of the site!  Have a look around, theres surely something for    
you.  The site is in BETA, meaning we are still testing it out and making sure   
everything works correctly.  More features and articles are to come when         
testing is over.  Hopefully, before testing is over, a form can be set up where   
you can send your feedback on the BETA and report any problems.  

NOTE: The site will stay in only home-page mode for, at the most, 24 hours.   

Site News and Info


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