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06.25.2015- Wow. Old, old website. I'm currently posting chapter for the unfinished sequel to "Long Time Gone." It's under Dawn fiction, and is titled "Long Road Home." 40 chapters were written before it all fell apart. Hope to finish it one day!

12.02.09- So... chapters 29-36 of "Long Time Gone" are up. If you want an explanation, read my LJ... But on the happy side, posting will be happening immediately after I finish a chapter, and what I have done of "Anna Begins" should be up tonight when I get home from work.

12.02.09- Chapter 28 of "Long Time Gone" is up.

12.01.09- 25-27 of "Long Time Gone" have been posted.

11.17.09- Just posted 23 and 24 of "Long Time Gone."

11.16.09- Augh, the days go by so fast! Chapter 22 of "Long Time Gone" is up. I don't think I ever posted that 20 was up, sorry. But I got 21 and 22 up tonight, hope to get more down tomorrow.

11.11.09- Chapter three and four of "Anna Begins" are up.

11.10.09- All of "Impossible" is up! 23 chapters. Yay for productivity.

11.09.09- Updated "Impossible." Chapters 17-20 are now up. Three to go!

11.09.09- Yeah, I died. Haven't posted chapters yet, but I've got the menus fixed for "Impossible" and "Anna Begins." Just remember, just because chapters show in the menu doesn't mean they're up yet. Two chapters of "Anna Begins" are up, sixteen of "Impossible," and nineteen of "Long Time Gone." Hope to get at least one coded and posted tonight.

5.23.09- Chapter 19 of "Long Time Gone" is up.

5.12.09- 18 of "Long Time Gone" is up.

5.11.09- 17 of "Long Time Gone" is up. I made links to chapters 18-30 on the drop-down menu, so don't get confused; they're not up yet. Just wanted to get all the code done so I didn't have to deal for awhile. Also, this will soon be the front page of the website again, I believe. I know my front page sucks, and it's going to be gone soon. Just Buffy from here on out. Oh, and I'm aware of the MILLIONS of typos in LTG. I'm just going to wait until I get everything up to fix 'em. Sorry about that.

5.04.09- See, I didn't die, I swear. Lots going on. It sucks. But I posted 15 and 16 of "Long Time Gone," and I'm working on a new layout. I also got some sweet new awards! I love you guys!

3.24.09- Chapter 16 of "Impossible, and Chapter 2 of "Anna Begins" have been posted.

1.01.09- Two more chapters of Long Time Gone are up, as well as four new wallpapers based on LTG, on the graphics page. Happy New Year!

12.08.08- The first chapter of Anna Begins is up. Just don't expect the other chapter links to work yet; I was trying to work ahead, but don't have time to code another chapter before work. Argh. I'll probably get another one done tonight. How I miss my FrontPage.

12.07.08- As promised, every finished chapter of Long Time Gone is up. That's twelve, in all. The 'next' and 'back' links work, so reading them shouldn't be a problem. Just don't get confused when you notice the numbered links aren't up on all the pages yet. I'm not quite finished there. Hope you enjoy!

12.06.08- I suck at life, I know. There's a new chappie of Long Time Gone up. I managed to get it done, and now have to leave for work. I'll try to get all the completed chapters up tomorrow, as well as some Saved, and Anna Begins if I can. Pray to the Mountain Dew gods to keep me awake that long. I love sleep.

8.04.08- Yes, I know. No updates. But I'm working on the layout! And I'm posting again! I hate moving.... grumble,grumble. Anyway, I won a couple of other awards, and thought I'd post them here. Some still haven't ended voting and such yet.

6/25/08- I know, I've been gone forever. Life got crazy, and really, it still is. Things are slowly getting less stressful, however, so I'll be trying to update soon. On another note, the site's going to be divided pretty soon, as well. I've decided to post my Inuyasha fiction here, too. So, expect a new layout in the near future!

4/23/08- Chapter 6 of Long Time Gone is up.

4/22/08- Chapters 4 and 5 of Long Time Gone are up.

4/21/08- Chapter 15 of Impossible is up.

4/20/08- Chapter 14 of Impossible is up. I also posted teasers for "Switch" and "Turned."

4/16/08- Chapters 8-13 of Impossible are finally up.

4/10/08- Fang Fetish! I'm so excited!

4/01-08- Chapter Seven of Impossible is up.

3/29/08- Yeah, it's been awhile. Sorry, RL has been nuts. Chapter Six of Impossible is up. And I'm currently writing Chapter Eleven of Long Time Gone, so I hope to get all those up soon.

3/03/08- Chapter Three of Long Time Gone has been posted.

3/03/08- Revisions made to Chapter One of Long Time Gone for timeline errors. Oopsie.

3/02/08- Teaser posted for The Book of Thespius.

3/01/08- Chapter Five of Impossible has been posted.

2/29/08- Graphics page is up, and Chapter Two of Long Time Gone has been posted.

2/29/08- Chapter One of Long Time Gone has been posted.

2/24/08- Okay, Impossible's going up slowly, as well as Saved. Please keep checking, and if you can't take my procrastination, I regularly update on Elysian Fields (check the links!).

Also, I'm very excited! Impossible has been updated for fourteen awards! This is a first for me, so please go check out the awards, and vote for your favorites!

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Chapter 32 of "Long Time Gone."

Chapter 15 of "Anna Begins."

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