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Nox News Service (NNS)

Look here for the most up-to-date information on what's happening on the Nox.  If you have any news to add to this page, send it to Commander Starkiller.

Current Mission:

The USS Nox is currently docked at Obsidian Command, awaiting the rest of her crew before launching on her shakedown cruise. The senior staff are aboard and are meeting with the Captain to discuss their new ship.

We are a Galaxy class starship, part of Obsidian Fleet's Task force 72, task group Alpha. We are proud to be members of the fleet the is responsible for keeping the Romulan Star Empire in Check. Without us, the Romulan flag would fly over Earth.

News about the Crew:

The Nox received an XO, Lt. Commander Linde Spirax, on July 3, 2002

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