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Congratulations! You're making an excellent choice by deciding to apply for the USS Nox! You've now come to one of the most important parts of the process. Simply fill out the application form below and it'll be processed in due time. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. your rank on baord ship, and whether or not you get the position you request depends on this Form. Don't give yourself a rank, that'll be decided by me when you submit your form.

Please take care to fill out this application form, if you make a mistake, the form will be cleared and you'll have to start again. Thanks! Thanks!



Email Address
AIM Screen Name
ICQ Number
MSN Screen Name
Character Name
Character Species
Character Age
Character Sex
Physical height:
Please put this in feet and inches
Please put in lbs.
Hair/Eye Color
Distinctive Features
Languages Spoken
Please make this as detailed as possible, this is important as it does help to determine your rank, and gives other players an insight into your character.

Positions Applying For:
Please pick a position that's vacant- also pick two positions, your first choice and your second choice.

Rank Type
Previous Experience:
Please list any previous Play-by-Email RPG experience you may have had.

If you haven't had any, don't worry! Just let us know! All new players will be required to attend Cadet Academy. Email CO for more info

Scenario Question:
It is the middle of the night, and you are are sleeping, when all of a sudden your ship is attacked by an unknown attacker

Please write this up in a post, as you would if this actually took place aboard the Nox while you were a member of the crew.