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I'm working on it!

I'm working on it
So get off my case
If you'd just leave me be
I might actually get something done

Hey, I don't recall asking for your opinion
On if I was lazy or not
Alright, I'll admit to it
But don't you dare cheer or gloat
Or I promise not to get a bit or work done

Hey... what are you still doing here?
I thought I told you to go away
Yes, yes
I'll get it done...
So Go! Shoo! Away!

Damn it... you're hovering now
Don't you know I get paranoid when people do that?
Now I'll never be able to get anything done!
Becuase I'll be too busy lookin' over my shoulder

Why am I constantly looking over my shoulder you ask?
...A saying comes to mind...
"I don't think they're out to get me...
I know they're out to get me..."

ARG! Why are you still standing there?
Can't you just leave me in peace?
I'll get it done when I'm darn good and ready to
So go find someone else to pester and peck at!
You're starting to remind me of a vulture...

It's only been thirty minutes and you're back again with avengance...
EEEE!!! Get off my case! Leave me be! I don't know how many times I've said that to you!
Hey, if you want it done so badly why don't you do it yourself?

Ha! That one got you good.
You froze where you stood, made a face of disgust, looked slightly afraid
And then you turned and walked away!
I was about to celabrate my victory when you walked back in
You gave me such a look that left me shaking in my boots as you said clearly
"It wasn't my fault you lost the bet
So I suggest you start working
Unless you really want to tell what happened on saterday night."

With that in mind, I finally turned to my computer
And I worked with slight muttering and grumbling
And just a little bit of crusing

And my morel of this whole poem is:
Never ever make a bet
With friends carzier then you
(Note: I didn't really loose a bet and neither did I make a bet with my friends :P)