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Where They all go through Time

The stone path leads far out to the sea
Our bitter tears even farther
But these bitter hearts gain us nothing
And get us no where at all
Little by little time changes everything
Ages flowers into full bloom
Withers stone into dust
And turns light into darkness But most importantly
Time causes hearts to grow
Sometimes, Hearts grow closer to another heart
Perhaps even sometimes distant from one another

Time creates a bond between all things
Causes hearts to grown
And all things to change
Rights the wrongs in our souls
And sets the pains to ease
Memories grow more dear over time
As things begin to be forgotten
But somehow
Always remembered
Our paths are altered
But this is the place they all go to
The place of wandering
Where the lost find their way

Don't choose to find my path
But to allow my feet to guide me
Following slowly in my fathers foot steps
Wandering astray on to your path
Have you ever wondered where I'm trying to go?
I don't think you have
But I'm not trying to go anywhere
Just walking the path before one step at a time
With you beside me
Go ahead an ask yourself if I'll ever change over time
Because the answer to that is in our hearts
I will never change only simply remain who I choose to be
Who I am
And who I want to be
You are like me
Our hearts united together
taking one step at a time