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Where it All Goes...

Sometimes I just close my eyes
And slowly I start to drift away
I can't reach you and you can't reach me
I'm far beyond the reachs of all
Both of harm and of love
I'm all by myself
In a whirll pool of disinagration and dilliosion
And slowly I start to crumble away
And slowly I turn into dust

The old clock tower begins to chime the time
I used to be able to recall
The name of that clock, the names of the markings on it's face
But I can't remember much anymore

The leafs begin to change in hue
And they start to fall
All around me
Until eventually I'm drowning in a sea of sorrow
That I made by watching time move by
I can't seem to understand
Why you keeps on chasing all of my dreams
The lost ones that just float away
Sealed in little bubbles

You gather them all closely to you
And with your eyes closed
You smile
And I can't see beyond that
Capativated by the light you seem to emitt
But like all things
That light begins to fade
The feelings quickly become hallow
And you lose your grasp on the dreams you struggled to hold onto

One by one
They trickle from your hands
And I watch their passing by
And forevery dream I've lost I cried just a little harder
I cried until I drown
Drowned in a sea of sorrow
That I created by myself
In the emptiness of forever and always