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When it's cold outside
Can you still feel the touch of sorrows grip
Can you still feel the warmth of my touch
Or like me have you lost all feeling

When the snow starts to fall
Do you wish you could just curl up and die
Do you scream into the empty dark
or like me do you sit and weep
Misery is the best of company

When the rain begins to fall
Are you starring up blankly into the endless sky
Are you pray for that one single realease
or like me do you stand out in the rain
letting it take the worries and the strains

When the sun finnaly comes out
Have you fled from the happiness the sun might bring
Have you turned away into the emptiness you call home
Or like me do you turn away to hide
Fearing that the pain may only start again
As the old year passes by
And a new one begins
Note:I was very depressed when I wrote this and that's all I got to say.