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What was Left Behind

She has pondered this countless times
And still she cannot come up with an answer
to the questions floating around in her head

She wonders now
What went wrong
What she did wrong
And how she could have possibily made things better if she had tried
But yet
She knows
That even though there was love somewhere in that mixture of trouble and pain
That what she did
Was the only right thing left to do

Closing her pale eyes against the beauty of the sunset
She weeps
Even though it may have been the right thing to do
It wasn't for her
She missed the smiles
The secrets shared
The sweet summer kisses
And the infinite rain pouring down on her head

She missed the warm embraces
The sweet solem laughter
The coversations that seemed to never end
She missed that all and so much more
She missed everything that had been
But now
Was not

She was all that was left behind now
A gray shadow in the sunlight
Smiles so rarely grace her face now
And tears so often fall from her eyes
She is what was left behind
In something that had perhaps
Had been meant to be