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Crimson red bloodied waters
Ice cold silvery nights
Pain that is beyond reason
Hearts are distilled in ice
Fire pours from our mother haven
Tears pour from our eyes
We are all lost in the craddle of brith

Too navie to know the truth
Trapped in a dying waltz
Too Ignorant to see into the dark
To know that the blood is there
On your hands is does stain
Seeping into your soul
And the dreams start to fade away

I have nothing to give you
No stories to lay at your feet
No Sympathy
Heart break My hands, they are bare
I have nothing left to give

My heart I bared it to another
And lost it to them when they died
You seek the tears from me
And all you get is a bitter laugh
There is nothing anymore
I am all but undone
There is nothing to give anymore
My heart was taken from me