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The Samurai’s Child

Chapter One

Learning how to walk before you Jump



A warrior sat by a bed where a little child slept. She was curled on her side, near his leg as he watched her contently. He pulled the heavy helm off his head and set it on the floor. He felt eyes on him and looked back at the child. Her sky blue eyes starred at him quitly and he only marveled at how such blue eyes could be on a child with raven black hair. He felt sorry for the child, for he found her on the plains of the battlefield. No child belonged there, not at such a young age. He wondered briefly if she would ever talk, but what was the point of words?

“Nothing but lies.” The Samurai muttered as he looked away from the child.

He slid his face into his hands, propping his elbows on his knees, and closed his eyes. What he wouldn’t do to fix the past. To mend what harm was already done and undo the pain he caused to the one he loved most. He felt the wave of grief from the back of his mind come rushing forward like a tsunami.

A small hand landed softly on his cheek and he opened his eyes. He lowered one arm and saw the child standing on the bed next to. She pulled her hand off his cheek and she looked at her hand. He reached up and touched his face with a fingertip, wetness of tears. He looked back at the child who stood there watching him. He hoped that she would forget the death she witnessed, that was one memory she did not need to live with. But her eyes spoke otherwise. Her eyes shined with a dull brightness, that of hurt and deep pain yet she showed no sadness, no tears. She held out her arms to him and he slowly sat up. He reached over for her and pulled her into close hug and she snuggled close him.

“My san’itsu hoshi*.” The warrior whispered softly to the child.

The child looked up at the warrior with the look of a question on her face. He sighed and let the child go. She moved back onto the bed and stood there looking at him over her shoulder. He looked at her for the longest while, her eyes telling a story he did not yet understand.

“Would you like a name?” The warrior asked softly.

The child slowly nods her head yes and the warrior nodded back.

“Karasu Gogyou*.”

Karasu nodded and sat down on the bed, with her back facing towards him.

“They call me Ooshii*… But I call myself Desu*.” Desu said as he looked away from Karasu.


Karasu watched Desu move around the small house through out the night. He paced from room to room, placing things in certain places, leaving the room, grabbing things and moving to another room. She titled her head to one side when a glint of something caught her eye, drawing her attention from Desu. She moved over towards the edge of the bed and slid off. She walked towards the glinting while was coming from the pile of Desu’s armor. She reached out towards the glinting but jerked her hand back when she felt pain. She looked at her hand and the small cut on her thumb.

“Kara?” Desu called as he walked back into the room.

Desu looked down at Karasu and she extended her hand towards him. He kneeled and looked at her hand. He noticed a small bit of blood and sighed. Tearing off a small place of cloth from his shirt, he wrapped her thumb and reached for his sword. Karasu starred at it with a fascination and then looked at Desu. He pulled the sword out of its sheaf and placed the wooden sheaf on the floor. He held the sword out in front of him for Karasu to see and she looked it over carefully.

“I will get you one, one day. When I feel the time is right.” Desu said, looking into Karasu’s eyes that watched him as he spoke.

Desu picked up the wooden sheaf and stood up. He slid the sword into its sheaf with an odd grace and he walked into another room. He heard small and quite footsteps behind him but didn’t bother to turn around knowing Karasu was following him. He placed the sword on a rack mounted on his wall and looked at it for a while. He looked down at Karasu when he felt the slight tugging at his shirt.


Karasu moved over to the pile of clothes on the bed in this room and Desu watched her. She reached for a shirt and folded it neatly, though the task was all most impossible to do with her short arms. He smiled slightly at Karasu.

“You want to help?” Desu asked kneeling down and taking the folded shirt from Karasu.

Karasu smiled her first smile since she had gotten here. Desu got up and walked out of the room. The quite but quick padding of Karasu trying to match his pace almost made him smile again.

“My ojousan*.”

Karasu smiled happily and took what Desu handed her off of the shelf. She looked at it, and then looked up at Desu with a questioning look.

“It’s a box of origami my mother made for me as a child. You can have it if you want Kara.” Desu said, moving to the next room but Karasu stayed where she was.

Karasu opened the box and looked at the small paper cranes inside. She closed the box and clutched it tightly to herself as Desu came back into the room. She smiled up at him and followed Desu as he moved to another corner of the room. He picked up a piece of charcoal and a small piece of paper. Karasu couldn’t see what he was writing from her angle and waited patiently. Desu sighed and looked down at Karasu. She starred at him and he looked away. He placed the piece of paper on a shelf out of Karasu small grasp and left the room. She looked up where he had placed the paper for a while and then moved out of the room after Desu. She stopped when she found Desu in front of his pile of armor, slowly putting it back on. He didn’t notice her or was too busy to notice her for he didn’t look at her until he had gotten all of his armor again. Kneeling down easily, even with the armor on, he placed a gloved hand on the side of her face gently.

“I would like to stay here with you Karasu, but it’s not safe here for either you or me. We are going to go to town, I’ll buy you some new clothes, and then we shall stay at Chiko*’s home.” Desu said calmly.

All Karasu did was nod, now understanding what Desu’s moving from room to room was all about or at least he hoped she did understand.


Desu stood, outside, near by a horse with a leather bag bound to its saddle. He tied the bag closed and moved back towards the house to collect the last thing he needed, but she was already waiting for him at the doorway of the house. Karasu rubbed her eyes sleepily and Desu reached down to pick her up. She picked up the small black box at her feet before Desu picked her up and moved back over towards the horse. He placed her on and got on behind her. She leaned back and fell asleep. Desu wondered how long she would stay like that and spurred the horse to go.




*San’itsu hoshi: Lost Star

*Karasu Gogyou: Raven Fire

*Ooshii: Brave

*Desu: Death

*Ojousan: Daughter

*Chiko: Arrow or Pledge

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