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Angel Trapped in the Fire

Wings of white
Soul that's pure
Heart of gold
Eyes of Silver
Skin like snow
Hair like the enternal darkness

Fallen straight from flight
Soul wild as the wind
Wings bound together
Hands bound with steel
Words bound to honor
And not a word will she speak

They build fires towards the heavens
And they threaten her
"If you do not speak,
You will burn in the fires revenge"

But all she does is smile
And attempt to stretch out her wings
She says
"I am a angel, fallen from your heavens
I come here baring a secret
That of which I will not tell"

She stands in the fires
But still her secret she will not betray
She holds her hands up to her heart
And closes her eyes and prays

To my love I pray
These words that he will hear
I'll guard my secret forever

A angel over heard

Fleeing from his sacred post
He flies to save his love
He wraps her tight in his arms
And pulls her from the fire
"You're a fool, you silly little brave one
Let us go somewhere far from here
Far from the eyes of the unknowing
And far from the eyes of the unjust"

Two angels flew into the drak night
flying hand in hand
But the woman carried a child in her arms
A secret to hide from the gods