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Sleeping with One Eye Open

I lay myself down in my bed
After saying a little pray
My mommy comes to tuck me in and pecks me on the forehead
She turns out the lights
But I protest
That the monster under my bed Shall eat me
Mommy only chuckles and pats me on the head
She pulls the blanket up around my shoulders and tells me it'll be alright
But It won't be alright! It's not alright!
I yelled as I lept up to stand on my bed,
Mommy there's a monster under my bed and It'll eat me after you turn off the lights!
After all my efforts to warn her, she still tucks me into bed
And leaves me to grumble and mumble
After reaping bitter scron on my head

I snuggle myself down into bed and let out a sigh
It's been three hours and no sign of the monster
I let out a yawn and settle down but a rusty old voice suddenly asks,
"You asleep yet kid? I'd have come out earlier but you see I'm a little shy"

Ever since then I've never gotten enough sleep
Keeping one eye open
the monster under my bed.