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Slave from Ireland

She was nothing more then a Slave from Ireland
Her eyes dull, the passion has gone away
Replaced by saddness

She knows no other way now
Her soul it has been broken
There is nothing left of her will now
She is nothing of what she used to be
The smiles that used to play on her lips
Can't be seen anymore
The darkness clouds her sight
And she beings to give in
This is all

It's all over

Her former self would be ashamed
Of the defeat she has suffered
Of the submit she has subjected herself to
She is not herself anymore
She is only a mere slave

A mere slave stolden away from Ireland
Everything she once was
Was slowly bled to death
Replaced by quiet misery
She suffers alone in the silence
And she wishes for nothing more
Then a drink of water and some fresh bread

When this is all anyone ever asks for
Who could refuse her plea?
When she is beaten and bleeding
Who would heal her wounds?
When no one else is there for her
She remembers what she is
That is is a slave from Ireland


The darkness doesn't offer comfort anymore