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These aren't poems but riddles I wrote myself and I liked them so much I decided to put them here. :)
If you really want to know the answers, email me. ^-~

Life and Death surround the matter
As all things observe it
Wanting pelenty more of it
But never quite having enough of it

You Gaze down across the lands
You have watched over for centuries
Admiring every detail with unknowing
Unblinking eyes

Fingers out stretched
Skin long gone cold
Eyes blank and empty
A perment smirck plastered on your face
Arms and legs strain but never ache
Obilivus to all around you

You can keep us warm
But somehow even you can kill
You dance wildly about
Engulfinf everything in your path

Emotions can start it
Pain may start it
Fear can trigger it
Happiness may bring it

Upon you we sit and watch
The wonders of the night time skies
And during the day we lounge
and lay on you
Watching the clouds pass by

I can't stand to look at you
Now that you've gone
You stand there a grim reminder
Amoung so many others like you

(All of these riddles are orignal and written by me, Kat)