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A Little Bit of Payne

I know there's something out there
Beside the pain (oh my heart dose ache)
But I am stranded in the darkness(Deliver me into the light)
Take me back to the place I once called home
Dwell on me no more
I am a faded memory made from years long past
You can gaze into my soul but you will find no answers
To the questions you have made for me

I am

Apart of the bigger scheme
The one to break you apart and mend you back together again when it's over(ahh)
Who would
Take away the pain
When it keeps me real
Apart from everyone else

I am no longer apart this world
Drawn so deeply into yours
I can't tell myself apart from all your fantasy's
It's time

(I.. cannot be with you) I cannot be!
OH! I! Cannot breath anymore can you help me from the sweet misery I've given to myself
Can you help me from the dark
When ah, there's no light to be had
Not in your world nor in mine
But in the world we both left behind


Just one more dream before we must return


Just one more tear shed for all that we will lose

(Oh) Hush

The Pain
It just makes things more real
And it what keeps me coming back to you
Ohh Hush
This dream may die but I will always love you
No tears this time my love
It's just
A bit of Payne