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Neko:Guardians of Earth
I stood out in the dark and sighed. The balance had shifted, something was wrong. I laughed and smiled as weary tears formed at my eyes. Why should I care? I am not longer guardian of the planet, only guardian of a young man who has yet to understand the power inside him that was looking for a way out. I laughed again and fell back in the grass behind me. I stared at the tinkling stars and let out a sigh. I felt oddly pulled here though I am not the guardian of this planet anymore, but who is? I guess you could say I’m waiting for the guardian to show up so I can meet them I roll over on my stomach, my tail was uncomfortably squished beneath me. So what now? I looked up towards the stars again and sighed. I hated to admit it to myself but I miss being guardian. I rolled around in the grass, boredom leads to many things and being part cat…. I just rolled around in the grass and watched the bugs flee for their lives. I looked up as I felt someone standing above me.

“What in heaven's name are you doing?”

I blinked and slowly stood up, I was blushing. I could feel the warmth in my cheeks. He was taller then I am but only by a few inches, his hair was white and a little below his shoulders held in a ponytail, his eyes were pure blue, very pretty. I felt myself flush deeper on that thought. Oh Geesh, I’m acting like a teenager and I laughed at that thought. He walked towards me and grabbed me by my trembling shoulders as I quitly laughed at myself.

“Are you alright?”

I only nodded and looked at the deep blue robe he wore. It was pretty… but what is that symbol? I eyed the symbol and frowned. I’ve never seen that symbol before.

“To answer your question about what in heaven’s name I was doing.. I was rolling around in the grass.”

He blinked and starred for a moment and then laughed. He threw his head back as he laughed and fell over in the grass. I almost wanted to say “Who’s rolling in the grass now, eh?” but I thought it was kind of cute. I coiled my tail around my waist and waited for him to stop laughing so I could ask him a question. I rubbed a hand down my face, oh heaven’s name I was still blushing. I eeped softly and retreated from the laughing man towards a small lake near by. I kneeled by the shore and paused, looking at my reflection. I sighed and splashed water on my face and then hurried back to the man drying my face with a handkerchief. I looked down at the man who now laid in the grass, no longer laughing and was looking up at the stars. He looked at me and feel myself flush again and I almost wanted to hit myself in the forehead.

“I’m sorry for laughing, I just find it funny that someone else enjoys rolling around in grass as much as I do.”

I stared at him blankly until I noticed his tail, that sort of explained it… But who ever said I enjoy rolling around in the grass? I don’t think I’m going to deny I don’t enjoy rolling around in grass because I do.

“I’m not complaining, am I?”

I asked sitting down next to him. He only smiled and rolled over on his side to face me.

“What’s that symbol on your robe mean?”

I asked pointing at it. He stretched out his robe and looked at the symbol like it was the first time he’d ever noticed it. I was about to ask him if he ever noticed it before but he spoke up.

“I’m the adviser for the next guardian for the planet, that’s what that symbol means.”

I strained my memory and it occurred to me. I met someone with that symbol along time ago and I had in fact seen that symbol before. Feeling some-what stupid I look at the ground and I admit what I needed to admit out loud with a slightly sad voice.

“I think I miss being guardian of this planet.”

Now that it was aloud it stung and tears formed at my eyes. I tired to blink the tears back but one slipped down my face. I felt his tail slide around my wrist and squeeze my wrist softly.

“I don’t know what to say.”

He whispered softly and I sniffled and wiped the tear away.

“There is nothing to say.”

I replied and laid down in the grass to look up at the stars. I sighed and reached up to take his tail off my wrist but his hand intercepted mine. He held my hand in his and looked deep into my eyes.

“You shouldn’t be sad.”

I almost cry again, I felt a great loss suddenly that stung deeply and I didn’t know why. I closed my eyes and felt his tail slide away from my wrist and brush against my cheek.

“I think I liked it better when you were smiling.”


I yelled out and rolled away laughing. He chuckled behind my back and reached out and made me rolled back over towards him. Placed a light kiss on my forehead and I eeped softly.

“Now, can I know your name?”

He asked and I blinked. I guess he thought I didn’t understand because he asked me again.

“Can I know your name?”


I said starring at him.

“Trixy? How come I never heard of you in my training? I heard of The Demi Goddess of Magic but never you.”

He said looking at me as if he doubted me.

“I am also known as The Demi Goddess of Magic Guardian of Earth but my real name is Trixy.”

“Oh, they could’ve just said Trixy Guardian of Earth.”

“Nah, they wanted it to sound spiffy sound they added on to it and took away the name Trixy.”

I said rolling my eyes and I swear he did the same but I didn’t see if he did or not. He looked at me, as if he was waiting for something.


“You don’t want to know my name?”

“OF COURSE I DO!! But… I’m kind of shy.”

“I noticed.”

He said with a snicker and I pouted.

“My name is Apollo.”

I looked at him and giggled.

“What’s so funny??”

“Nothing, you’re name just suits you really well.”

“Well then…”

He said frowning slightly and I couldn’t help but laugh. He reached over and pushed me, I don’t think he thought that that push would send me rolling down the hill but it did. When I stopped rolling, I starred up at the spinning sky and felt really sick to my stomach. He suddenly appeared into my spinning vision and looked really worried.

“Are you alright Trixy??”

I gave my best answer.

“Why are there three of you Apollo?”

He looked more worried and knelt down by me.

“Just close your eyes and take deep breaths Trixy, It’ll help.”

I closed my eyes and started taking deep breaths. It took a couple breaths but the nausea pasted and I felt a lot better.

“Are you feeling any better?”

It was Apollo’s voice asking me that.

“Yeah. Why’d ya go and push me?”

“I didn’t know you’d go rolling down the hill.”

I smiled a lop-sided smile even though my eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and sighed softly. The world had stopped spinning and there wasn’t three Apollo’s anymore.

“How many do you see?”

I think he was just checking to make sure.


He offered me a hand up and I took him. I let him pull me to my feet and we walked back up to the hill hand in hand. When we reached the top we just stood there hand in hand.

“So what are you doing here any way Trixy?”

“I was drawn here… I dunno why. I’d like to believe it was because I was just waiting to see who the next guardian was.. but I don’t think that’s why.”

He squeezed my hand and I looked at him. He smiled warmly and I blushed again, darn it.



“Would you be offended if I kissed you right now?”


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