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The Morning After

After everything is all said and done
And there's nothing more left to be spoken
The tears have all run dry
And the anger has withered and died
When sadness consumes the heart
But there are no more tears left to cry

Tomorrow is going to hurt
The day after everything has settled down
There's still that painfull edge
That never really goes away
And that wears away the lining of defense
That you shelter yourself in
And you come to realize

The Morning afer is going to hurt
And there's no one there to hold your hand anymore
There's nothing left to say
You won the fight
But bitterness fills you from the inside out
And the tears won't come anymore

Tomorrow will hurt
Just like the morning after
It'll ache for a while
But someday that ache will become dull
And the tears will begin to fall again
And there will be so much to say
The pain will finally start to go away

But the hurt will forever remain
But maybe
Someday after tomorrow
And far pass the morning after
These wounds will start to heal
And you'll know of happiness once more