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The Lord of the Ring

-The Higher Treasons-

The Innocents Pain



She stood there watching her own reflection in the water, her hands stained with blood and a bloody dagger at her feet. She reached down with shaky hands and picked up the dagger. She saw her reflection in it, her mouth opened in a soundless scream.


In the reflection of the dagger, she saw a murderer that was her.


A pain filled scream echoed across the night but only one heard it. The only one who freely cared about others as he chose. He rose from his spot under a tree and stood there listening for a while, his blue eyes scanning the sky. A cry of rage sudden erupted from somewhere near him but he couldn’t do anything as a man suddenly leapt upon him knocking him down to the ground. He reached down from his dagger to find it had slipped out of his belt and watched in horror as the man pulled his sword out and held it close to his neck.

“Murderous elf, I shall kill you for what you have done.”

The man spat in his face, hissing behind clenched teeth.

“I have done no harm to anyone!”

He said panicking as he saw three other men walk into view out of the corner of his eye. He struggled against the dead weight atop him but the man wouldn’t budge. He swallowed and watched the other three men walk over while taking out their own swords. He turned his gaze but to the man atop him, and witnessed the maddening look in his eyes.

“I have done nothing...”

He whispered, but no one heard him. He screamed as a sword priced his hand all the way through to the ground. The man on him got up and kicked him hard in the side as he rolled over clenching his wrist with a shaky hand, choked gasps escaped his mouth and tears of pain ran down his face.  One of the men standing over him yanked his other hand away from his wrist while another forced him  to lie flat on his back. He struggled to no avail as another sword priced his other hand. He screamed, closing his eyes tight against the unbearable pain.

“What...have I done?”

He choked out in a pain filled sob. A man grabbed him by the hair and yanked it towards his direction, forcing him to look at the man, thrashing his legs slightly.

“You elf, killed my brother.”

“I-I have done no harm to anyone.”

His voice cracked as he spoke,  the man let go of his hair and merciful darkness took him to oblivion.


She stood behind a tree, tears in her eyes, one hand placed lightly on the tree. Her hand was covered in blood. She choked and almost screamed herself as she watched a man impale the hand of an innocent elf with a sword. She pressed her face into the tree and closed her eyes, trying to block out the slight of the elf’s face full of pain and agony that burnt it’s way into her memory. She opened her eyes and then her eyes went wide open as the elf’s other hand is impaled with a second sword. She screamed as she ran forwards, She tripped  over her own stumbling feet and fell to the ground hard. Sobs she choked out in agony filled sobs shock her body. She looked up to see four men standing over the still elf. Was he dead? She fell silent watching, tears still flowing down her face. One man pulled out a dagger and squatted down near the elf. She choked and gripped hand full of earth as she struggled to get up to her feet.


She screamed, pain filling her voice. She looked towards the men and watched as one of them placed their hand on the man’s, that had the dagger, shoulder. She heard them.


“Why not? He killed my brother!”

the man snarled.

“No... I did... I did...” She choked out clutching her hands close to her chest, but they didn’t hear her.

“No... Let him die. Let’s go.”

The man lifted his hand and turned to leave. The other two looked at the man as he angrily threw his dagger somewhere. The other two left and that last man followed them after he kicked the elf in the side. She rushed forward and dropped too her knees besides the elf. She reached out with her hands, shaking badly, and brushed her fingers against his forehead.

“Please, please don’t die.”

Her hands trembled even more as she ran her fingers down his arm, she reached around the sword and touched her fingertips to his.

“I am so sorry. This wasn’t meant to happen to you.”

She whispered as tears ran down her face. She moved her hands away from him and gripped the handle of one sword. She closed her eyes, and drew in a deep breath. She pulled out the sword with a hard yank, the image his face and the sound of his scream echoed across her memory and she let out a choked sound. She flung the sword as hard as she could, in any direction, it didn’t matter where as long as it was gone. She reached for his hand and clasped it in her own. She uttered a painful sound and then softly muttered some words. The wound slowly began to close, and he let out a pain filled moan.

“I am sorry.”

She whispered out as she gently placed his hand on the ground and moved over to the other sword. She gripped the handle in both of her hands and made a sound that none could repeat. Her wiped her bloodied hands on her dress in discuss of herself. She gripped the sword handle again, and pulled the sword out. She dropped the sword in horror, when he opened his eyes and screamed. he rolled over to his side and quivered, while making sounds of deep pain. She made the smallest of sounds and tears freely flowed down her face. She crawled around him and reached out of the hand he held close to himself, trying to protect himself from further pain. She softly placed her hand on his wounded one and muttered words to him. He whimpered and she felt a deep agony and guilt slice into her soul. He suddenly went limp and she looked at him in wide eye horror. She reached towards him with both hands and rolled him back over onto his back. He was so very pale, almost as white as a sheet. She leaned over him and placed a small kiss on his forehead. A tear fell onto his face.


He heard the soft voice call to him.


“Please don’t die...”


In the Hands of the Harmed

Chapter One


He felt warmed and soothed but there was something wrong. But that worry seems so very far from his mind at the moment. He sighed softly, but that sigh suddenly turned into a scream. He opened his eyes and franticly looked around, except looming ugly faces to be above him. But instead  he found the soft face of an elf looking at him from a chair from which she sat. She smiled and arose from her seat walking over to the bedside.

“Do you understand me?”

He nodded his head and closed his eyes.

“Do not think, and rest.”

But how could he not think? The memories flooded him as he suddenly fell into an exhausted sleep, turning his dreams into nightmares.


“Please don’t die...”


He awoke sitting up abruptly and he almost fell over as he suddenly became light headed. He groaned and placed a hand on his forehead.

“Who are you?”

He asked himself, asked the voice that had softly pled to him. He received no answer and somehow knew he never would. He pulled his hand away from his forehead and looked at his hand. There was a diamond like shaped scar on his hand and he looked at the other. His eyes suddenly filled with fear and h began to tremble.

“Please, don’t be afraid.”

That voice... He looked up from his hands to see an elf standing half way behind a pillar in the room. She watched him silently for a moment as he did her.


She stepped behind the pillar and he starred at it.

“Yes, I am sorry... so very sorry.”

It was the voice that had pled to him softly, it had to be. He tried to get up from the bed but a sudden wave of dizziness made him sit back down on the edge of the bed. he looked over at the pillar but there was no sign she was there.

“For what? It was not you who... harmed me.”

“But it was my fault.”

Her voice came again, but this time it was filled with pain. She slowly stepped out of behind the pillar and he looked at her wide-eyed. Tears ran freely down her cheeks, her  white hair was a mess, one of her hands had dried blood on it, and that front part of her dress was stained with blood. He started to but she took a step back and spoke in a horror filled voice.

“No... Don’t come near me... “

She reached up with her hand and wiped the tears off her face leaving a brownish reddish smear n her face.

“What have you done?”

He asked in a hushed voice and she trembled.

“Killed someone... and saved your life...”

He starred at her blankly, unable to say anything then. She closed her eyes and drew a sword from her belt, she placed it on the floor in front of her and took another step back. He rose from the bed slowly, eyes transfixed on the sword, his body trembling. He walked around the bed and towards the sword and she stepped backwards keeping a distance between him and herself. He kneeled down and reached for the sword with a shaky hand, slowly he picked it up and stood up. He looked at the sword, cried out in rage and swung the broadside of the sword at the pillar she had been standing at. The sword broke into six shards, one of which priced his arm. He turned and flung the handle as hard as he could, and it fell into the waterfalls of Rivendel, lost forever.  He looked back at her and his eyes went wide again. She stood there in the light, glowing with a white aura despite all the blood on her hands, she looked at him with violet eyes that held a deep sadness, untellable pain and fear.  But there was something else about her, this small darkness like a stain hung about her . He stepped towards her and she stepped back.


She looked another way and he followed her gaze and fell upon the face of Lord Elrond. he looked back at her but found her father away, standing  near a stand with her back towards him. She looked over her shoulder and he walked towards her feeling drawn in ways he never felt before, towards anyone.


He repeated his question watching her as she turned back to the wall. she placed her bloody hand on the wall and leaned forward, resting her forehead on the wall.

“No man must hinder someone in a way that cannot be mended in anyway and get away with it.”

She said softly, a sob choking her off. He stood behind her and reached up to place a hand on her shoulder. She let out a small shriek and pushed herself away from the wall and moved a few steps away from him. She looked at him, eyes wide.

“What happened?”

“I cannot tell you... I cannot bear to speak it.”

She choked out, she trembled slightly and closed her eyes. He reached out for her and she took a step back. He stood there looking at her as she turned her head and looked down to hide her face.

“I am sorry they hurt you like that, that pain was meant for me. Not you.”

She let her hand drop to her side and she stood there.

“I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t.”

She looks around and notices a few elves starring at her, but he was looking at her. She seemed so lost, afraid, and alone then, the way she held herself and the look in her eyes.  He notices she turned around and she took a step backwards towards him. Lord Elrond stood in front of her. He spoke softly to her the in elven language which was something he had long forgotten. It sounded like music to his ears and he closed his eyes. She let out a soft cry of panic as Elrond placed a hand softly on the side of her face. She drew in a breath; she stood there for a moment and then took a step back. Elrond stopped speaking and watched her as she continued stepping away from him.  The look in her eyes had turned into fear alone, and Elrond saw how deep it ran. She bumped into him and he carefully slid his arms around her waist. She stiffened and trembled, and he felt it.

“I do not care what you have done, or who you killed. Stay.”

He whispered softly into her ear, she drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“The blood won’t wash away...”



He stood in the waist deep water holding out a hand toward her, Elrond and a few other elves stood farther off. She stepped forward and slowly took his hand and allowed him to help her into the water. He looked into her eyes and pulled her softly towards him and she allowed it. She watched him as he dipped his hands into the water, cupped them together and raised his hands up to her face. She Closed her eyes and tipped her head back a bit and let out a soft gasp as she felt the cool water run down her face. He reached up and ran hi hand across her cheek lightly. He took her hands in his and she looked at their intertwined hands He dips their hands into the water and rubbed her hands softly.  He lifted his hands out of the water and ran his hands through her hair smoothing it out. He glanced over at an elf that walked towards him carrying a long sleeved plain white dress and he took if from him. He looked back at her and noticed a tiny glimmering in them he reached into the water and pulled her hands out of the water, he gently placed the dress in her hands and she slowly walked out of the water. She walked out of sight and he stood there in the water looking at his own hands. She returned a moment later wearing the white dress but there was an uncertainty about her. He moved back towards the shore and held his hand out towards her again. She took it, the blood stained dress clenched in one of her hands. He led her back into the water and took the dress from her hand. He placed it in the water and let it go. She watched in flow away for a second and then closed her eyes.  She opened them again when she felt the slightest touch of his fingers on her face. He moved his hands around her, close but yet not touching. He moved his hands over her arms and slid his hand into hers. He looked at her face and there were tears of relief running down her face.

“It’s all gone. All of it.”

He said to her, but she smiled a smile that was slightly sad.

“For now.”


She sat alone on a bench, over looking the grand waterfalls of Rivendel while she recorded the happenings of the last few days in a book. She snapped it closed and stood up not even casting a single glance over her shoulder. She quick walked down the stairs and stopped when she caught slight flash of silver out of the corner of her eye.


“Anderi, will you be alright?”

A young elf asked Anderi, the innocent elf, as he stuffed whatever food his hands could reach into his mouth. He swallowed at looked at her.

“If you keep on feeding me and stop talking to me, I’ll be fine Ilo.”

Anderi said, scowling at Ilo who shrank away. Ilo looked at Anderi for a while longer and then left him in peace to eat as much as he pleased, if he got sick... well that wasn’t her problem. She snorted and walked past Lord Elrond as he came up the steps to Anderi’s room.


Lord Elrond called, and Anderi looked up from his food. He swallowed the food in his mouth and stood up to greet Elrond.

“Lord Elrond, I’ve heard of you.”

Anderi commented smiling slightly. Elrond only nodded and gestured for Anderi to sit back down. He did, with a rather ungraceful ‘plop’.

“How are you feeling Anderi?”

Anderi reached for an apple and looked at it.

“Better then when I was attacked.”

Anderi said absent mindedly, taking a small bite out of the apple and savoring the fresh taste. Elrond watched Anderi and then sits down himself on a chair near by.


Anderi looked over at Elrond and raised an eyebrow in question.

“What are you trying to hide?”

The apple fell out of Anderi’s hand but he didn’t bother to try to catch it. It landed on the floor with a ‘thunk’ and rolled around a bit. Anderi starred at Elrond quietly for a minute and then looked away.

“I have nothing to share with you or tell you. It doesn’t matter what I am hiding for that is of my own powers to speak. And I will not speak about it with you.”

Anderi said coldly as he got up and moved over towards the balcony. He looked around and closed his eyes.


Elrond rose but did not follow Anderi. Instead, he watched him and then turned away without a word. Anderi looked out at the land and felt his heart shatter. Perhaps one day he’d be willing to open his heart and admit the secret he held there. He composed himself and almost lost it again when he looked down below at the bloodshed.


Three beings lay dead on the ground below, the cuts deep and sickening. The blood shed was nothing to the look on the face of the elf with the sword in her hands. She face was twisted up as if she was going to scream or cry but her eyes seemed so cold and lost. She held the sword in the pose of the last swing she had made, and slowly her lowered the sword until it fell out of her hand and clattered to the ground. Her face slowly changed into an expression that revealed nothing. She looked up as someone let out a scream of terror but she didn’t move. Her hands where covered in blood again, and this time there was no way of washing them clean.


Anderi raced down the stairs shoving past people and stumbling down to the hard surface only to get right back up again. He had to reach her first, be the first one too her, for he feared what the others would to her. He didn’t understand what this all meant, his feelings towards this strange elf he had just met, but he couldn’t stand by. Not now. Not when he owed her his life...



Elrond called to him. Anderi stopped long enough to look at Lord Elrond and then ran off again down the stairs.


Anderi whispered to himself as he saw her take a step back and then stand there. Looking brave among the blood shed, as if she wasn’t afraid of what was to become of her. Anderi stumbled down the last step and reached out towards her. His hand landed on her arm, and she was suddenly looking into his eyes. He swallowed as the dead calmness of her eyes gazed at her.  She silently told him “No, I accept it. Please go” but he stood there transfixed by her gaze. She put pity into her eyes and she saw the grim look that crossed Anderi’s face. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. She stepped away from him and smiled at him sadly and he felt his soul tear into pieces. He watched, as if in slow motion to him, as an arrow fell deep into her heart. He watched the pain blossom on her face, memories flashed in his head when he was first struck but all the blows had missed his heart. But this one struck his heart in two. He moved, and caught her before she hit the ground. He searched the peaceful expression on her face and shook her gently.

“No... please open your eyes.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him painfully.

“It the short time... I knew you... I found peace again... I’m happy I met you.”

She reached up and touched the side of his face lightly. He looked at her tears running down his face.

“Why are you crying?”

Anderi held her close to him after pulling out the arrow. She gasped softly and held back her own tears. she weakly placed her arms around his shoulders.

“I don’t want it to end like this.”

Anderi whispered to her, and she let out the softest of laugh and he moved her so he could look in her eyes.

“All... good things must...end...”

She let out a small sigh and closed her eyes. Anderi’s face became twisted in anger and he clutched her close.  He buried his face in her shoulder and closed his eyes tight against the pain.

“Why did you do it?”

Anderi asked choking on a sob. He held on to her as tight as he could, and let himself give into the grief he felt in his shattered soul.


Anderi stood by a bed where an elven woman lay, rather pale woman, wearing a silver dress. He held her limp hand as tears of anger ran down his face.


Lord Elrond’s voice called before he entered the room but Anderi didn’t even bother to look at him, nor did he even bother to answer him.

“Anderi, why are you crying?”

“I didn’t want it to end like this.”

Anderi answered as he leaned down and placed a kiss on the elven woman’s forehead. He didn’t understand his own pain, but it was deep and pricing and would never go away as long as he lived. As she had said, in the short time he had known her he had found a very small moment of peace. Perhaps he even loved her, but he didn’t understand that emotion. He sat down on a chair near by the bed and looked at her.

“Who shot the arrow into her heart?”

Lord Elrond looked at Anderi and bowed his head.

“It was not one of our arrow’s that struck her down.”

Anderi suddenly stood up the chair falling down behind him. He had such a intense look of anger on his face that Elrond averted his gaze.

“Then whose arrow was it?”



The Morning After

Chapter Two


Anderi stood in front of the white stone in front of him, reading the written words on the stone over and over again. “All good things must end.  Liena” those words were written on the tombstone. Anderi closed his eyes and placed his forehead against the stone.

“But why did they have to end now? I didn’t even know your name until now Liena.”

Anderi sank to his knees and touched a hand to the ground. A tear fell on the ground, and the rain started to fall.


“Lord Elrond?”

Ilo called softly to Lord Elrond who was standing out in the rain at the top of a stair He looked over his shoulder at her.

“Are you alright?”

Elrond shook his head and looked away from her up at the sky.

“Anderi is suffering far greater then I thought he would be.”

Ilo said softly taking a step toward Lord Elrond, but he turned around and looked at her. He stepped under the cover out of the rain and took the dry blanket Ilo offered him.

“More then anyone could have guessed.”

Ilo continued taking the blanket from Elrond as he handed it back to her.

“He hardly knew her, why dose he suffer?”

“That is something I cannot answer.”

Lord Elrond said as he walked past Ilo, she felt rejected for some reason but she knew why. Jealously and greed of want was easily seen in her, but she would never get what she wanted. Never...


Anderi walked back slowly, drenched to the skin, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to be alone for a while and he was in no hurry to get back to the halls of Rivendel.  He stood and looked over his shoulder, looking at the white stone that stood proudly. He felt lost but he knew his way back to the place he belonged, but now something was holding him here and it would forever as long as his elven life span lasted. And even after that... Anderi sighed and looked away at the ground. He didn’t know what to do now, but he froze as he heard a soft whisper in his ear.

“Anderi, please don’t morn. We will meet again. I promise.”

Anderi spun on his heel and looked at the white tombstone. He starred at it wide eyed for a moment, then he turned away with a small happy smile playing on his lips and walked away.

Anderi sneezed and sighed. Sense when did elves catch a cold? Anderi rolled his eyes and looked around as he entered Rivendel, the halls seemed empty. It seemed like every one was gone. Anderi turned in a complete circle looking around and then looked curiously down the empty hall. He crept down the hall along side the wall, straining to listen to the faintest sound. He stopped as he picked up lord Elrond’s voice. He sounded slightly irritated about something but Anderi couldn’t tell what he was talking about. He moved closer and closer until he could see into the clearing where Lord Elrond sat but yet not be seen himself. He watched in mild fascination as the council of mortal men, elves, dwarfs, and a hobbit and a wizard argued amongst them selves rather loudly. He caught a bit of what each of them said, something about a ring, the dark Lord Sauron, and something  about destroying something. He took a step back to leave but his eyes fell on a plain gold ring in a middle of a stone table. He stopped and  couldn’t take the eyes of the ring.


It began, words spoken in his head, in a dull rumbling and slowly got louder and louder until Anderi couldn’t bear it. He uttered out a cry and clasped his hands tight over his ears, he didn’t understand the words roaring through his head, he had never heard this language anywhere before.  Anderi wasn’t aware he had screamed because the words in his head were so loud, and painful, that he could not hear.  The sound died quickly, leaving Anderi gasping for breath. He opened his eyes, his hand still clasped over his ears as the words still rang in his ears, and looked at the faces now around him. The closest too him was that of lord Elrond and Anderi looked into his eyes. Those words had meant something, but what was it?  Anderi  closed his eyes and took a few more deep breathes of air and felt hands touch his.  they pulled his hands away form his ears and Anderi heard Lord Elrond’s voice calling his name. He opened his mouth to speak, and words followed that made all stare at him in silence.

“One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them... That is the words... the voice in my head roared into my ears... but it was speaking something I have never heard before, ever.”

Lord Elrond recovered first but remained silent as he helped Anderi to the chair he had been sitting it. Anderi collapsed gratefully in the chair and sighed covering his ears again, still hearing the faintest rang of those strange words that somehow he knew what meant. He closed his eyes, and dropped his hands.


“Those were the words of Mordor.”

A old voice spoke to him and Anderi opened his eyes. He looked at the old wizard standing next to him, looking down at him.


Anderi questioned, not quite understanding what they knew.

“Gandalf, perhaps we should explain to Anderi what has happened.”

Lord Elrond suggested. The old wizard, Gandalf, nodded and ran a hand lightly over his long beard. but Anderi, didn’t hear a thing they had said he was looking at the ring again, there was nothing this time.

“You feel drawn?”

Gandalf question softly and Anderi slowly look at the old wizard.

“I feel nothing...”

Anderi said putting coldness into his voice and closed his eyes.

“Only pain.”

Anderi whispered so low that only Lord Elrond over heard him and looked at him. Gandalf watched Anderi for a while and then looked over at a rather short person whom Anderi just noticed. He starred at the short little man as he walked towards Gandalf and Anderi’s eye lit up in interest.

“A Hobbit?”

Gandalf looked over at Anderi and smiles.

“Yes, Anderi of Rivendel...”

Anderi stood up and looked into the old wizard’s eyes squarely.

“I do not belong here. I am Anderi of Fair Waters.”

Anderi said, a bitter pride shining in his voice that lack convincing.

“Fair Waters? I have not heard of that place in such a long time.”

Lord Elrond said, looking away and closing his eyes.

“Nor I, what has happened to that place?”

A mortal man asked stepping forward.

“Its in ruin, burnt down to ashes. ”

Anderi replied looking away from them and at the ground. it became silent again except for the sound of someone softly grumbling. Anderi sighed and looked back up. Lord Elrond looked back at Anderi, and asked him a question, his voice low and trembling slightly.

“Is Meria...still alive?”

Anderi just looked at lord Elrond and didn’t bother to answer, but Elrond knew the answer then. He closed his eyes for a moment, opened them and looked at Gandalf. He looked down at the hobbit standing next to him who looked up at him.

“Frodo? Hand Anderi the ring.”

Frodo stepped forward picked up the ring and walked around the stone table towards Anderi. A Red bearded dwarf stepped forward looking furiously at Gandalf.

“Are you going to let that elf have it Gandalf?”

The dwarf hissed in a angry tone. Gandalf only smiled at the dwarf.

“No, Gimli. I am letting him hold it.”


Frodo walked up to Anderi and looked up at him, as he looked down at Frodo. Anderi, being physically different from other elves, was interesting to Frodo as Frodo was to Anderi. Frodo smiled a bit as he held out his hand and Anderi only held out his hand. Frodo dropped the ring into his hand and Anderi starred at it. Was something suppose to happen?  Anderi lifted his hand slightly so he could get a better look at the ring. It felt heavier then it should in his hand, and it was quite plain. He looked up from the ring at all the eyes watching him and then down at Frodo. He turned and walked towards the stone table and placed the ring casually on the table and walked back to where he was standing. He glanced over at the old wizard when he heard him chuckle softly as  Gandalf looked at Gimli’s shocked expression.

“Well, Anderi.”

Gandalf said smiling at Anderi, but Anderi was not amused. He didn’t understand the whole point to that, and he raised a eyebrow at the old wizard in question.

“You should join this council and listen to what we have to say.”


And Anderi did listen, he listened to them argue but he now understood what was going on.  The ring he had held belong to the Dark Lord Sauron, the dark lord he recalled that he had heard of in stories as a child. He also came to understand what Mordor was, the land of darkness to put it lightly. And he also came to understand why the ring must be destroyed.  The argument became more heated, as they began to Argue amongst themselves on who should carry the one ring.  Anderi looked at the mortal men he came to know the names of,  Boromir, and Aragorn also known as Strider. He wasn’t very fond of Boromir already, there was something about him that he just didn't like. He also came to know the name of Legolas, who argued strongly but Anderi stopped trying to sort out what one person was saying to the other. But he looked up when he heard Frodo’s voice amidst the argument.

“I will do. I will take the ring.”

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