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The Bridge Across Time

Deep in the night,
I stand there...
A single tear slips down my face
And I begin writing my soul down....
On a piece of paper.

Welcome to the poems, The Bridge Across time.
This is where I write my fancy share of what I call poems
I get my inspiration for the strangest of things, but my poems are still very, very inerest.Hee! ^-~.
(Newest poems are at the bottom)

But Even me... Guilty Wish
Time then and Again
A Dream Sent....
I am....
One Step at a Time....
The Baka Dance
There and Back Again
The Babe with the Spirit of the Goddess within
Time shall change thy face Moon
Five Seconds 'Till Impact
.: I D E L -:- F I R E :.
.:: The Place of The Wind ::.
Angel Trapped in the Fire
Sleeping with One Eye Open
I am Ghost
I'll be There
...i Am NoT FoUnD...
Hear Me
I'm Working on it!
Gone off the Deep Edge
When You are Gone
Where They all go Through Time
Turning Again and Again
Asking of Me
A Little Bit of Payne
What was Left Behind
Unnamed Pome
Pure Hatred
Salve From Ireland
Where it all Goes...
She Was...
The Morning After
In the Eye of the Beholder
'Ere in Dire Need

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