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Inhaling the smoke filled air
Sighing out nothing better
Metal fingers fumbling at the door knob
Eyes unused to the dark
Soul unburned by the light
Body never warmed by the fire
Mind lost in all the haze


Conceived by the madness of war
Produced out of desperation to save a life
Made by hands unstable of the man


One life traded for another
but still nothing was right
Even from the begining
Rejection was stated
But deafness befell most
Those who heard
Never spoke a word


Peace of Mind Unachievable
Sanity of Body Irregular
Twist of metal Break my arm
Soothing of touch But you can't quite reach me
Need of Faith So I simply turn away
Strenght of might Fear of light
All we need
Is the Idel Fires
I keep burning
Even after the rest are gone
And the snow starts to fall