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The End of the World

Original Story


Claire Hoover



In a Single Life Time


A few weeks before the end of the world, my world came crashing down. I had a life, not a very good life, but it was mine nonetheless. I had people that cared for me but I always held them at arms length because they didn't need to get involved... you might find yourself asking why... I was a troublemaker, a serious troublemaker. The type of trouble maker who robs people for money and blows up things because they think it's fun... I will admit, I've killed a number of people in my life, but that was only because they were in my way. Cops, bystanders, and idiots... they were all just in my way.


 I had a boy friend once... just once for about a week and he said he loved me. Innocent, naive fool... God damn him for loving me... In return for his love... I did everything within my power to keep him from the truth that was the real me and keep him the innocent, naive fool he was… The real me was on the news every evening, the one that had committed more crimes then I cared to count but I wasn’t ashamed of that side of me either, never have been… but one day I got into some really deep shit... dug myself a grave and I couldn't get out of it. So I did what I thought was right… at least for my boyfriend… I left him standing there after simply telling him he was in my way, holding the keys to the front door and I ran like I had been made to, I ran from the law.


Despite all of my efforts, the cops pulled up on my ex-boyfriend's front door... somehow they had tailed me there... and now he would know everything I had done, and perhaps even get arrested for being involved with me... hopefully he will now hate me and forget about me which is for the best because he's on his own now... Not my problem any more.


You know… the adrenaline rush behind running from the law was always great. I’m an adrenaline junkie; I’ll admit to that but otherwise then that I was clean back then… Well clean as a person who was on the F.B.I.’s wanted list and how has a nice sized criminal can get. My run didn’t last as long as I would’ve like it to because I got caught, at least one hundred and thirty miles from where I lived… Geez, the F.B.I. is getting slow back then, I was expecting them to catch up with me sooner.


I was placed in jail and they thought the death sentence was too good for me, they even told me that and I only laughed at them and told them they can go fuck themselves, I didn’t care what happened to me now. But damn it, had I known what they had planned for me I would have disagreed with them and done anything to prevent what happened from happening.


I was totally awe struck… they had promises me, ME of all people, a fair trail and I was absolutely blown away. The justice system was being nice… but it all turned out to be a joke. The trail was sent up to assure the public that I had been caught and the big bad monster was going to get the punishment that had been coming to her. The verdict had been decided even before I had stepped into the courtroom, so much for a fair trail.


I was sentenced to the death penalty and I grinned because at the time I had thought that apparently I was good enough for the death penalty but it was just a cover up for what was really going to happen to me. The death penalty was just to make the public happy and calm again but sometimes… just sometimes… I wish I had actually gotten the death penalty.


Human experimentation was my true sentence. I still dream about it every night despite my efforts to forget what happened over those fucking weeks. They changed me into a Cyborg after they got bored of experimenting on me, seeing exactly how the mind of a mad person really worked. The pain was and still is beyond my ability to put into words of how much I suffered day after day… Oh yes, they changed me into a Cyborg while I was conscious and even continued work after I had passed out… I can’t remember how many times I passed out; I just simply welcomed that brief escape from reality and the pain.


Sometime after that living hell of a week… the pain stopped. Quite suddenly. It was strange to me at the time because I had gotten used to the pain, day after day. I sat up and simply looked out the window with my new eyes… there was, literally, a war going on outside my cell window. World War III to be precise… But they didn’t let a Cyborg like me go to waist… I started hearing a voice, that only I could hear, that gave me orders, a list of people to kill, and I followed those orders without questioning it and I still don’t know why, even today, why I didn’t question it… I still don’t question it.

            The war ended, oh so suddenly and the entire world was engulfed in a blinding white light.


The end of the world had come, a lot sooner then we had all anticipated, and everything humanity had once known had fallen to ruin. Everything was like a barren waist land… standing on top of the ruins of the tallest skyscraper in New York is something I’ll always remember. The arm of lady liberty that holds the torch is all that’s left of her, sitting in the desert that had once been the ocean… such a dreadful end for such a grand lady.


The ocean itself now only covers the earth in lake, spread out all along the surface of the earth and the north and south poles have turned into unlivable swamp lands… all cities and land marks everywhere, all around the world, are now ruins, damn near leveled to the ground.


It’s sort of ironic to me that now a days I hunt what I once was. I hunt the humans. Why? Because that damn voice tells me to and I listen to it. Sad that my boss is a voice and I have no idea who or what’s behind that voice. I don’t question it… because I see no reason to. I’ve killed a couple hundred people now, adding onto my list of dead. Most of the people are rebels… like I was once, trying to fight against a dying government. I say, just leave the government to it’s own demise. It’s already doomed itself when it tried to regain rule over a now lawless world. Law isn’t that important anymore… but the means of survival is. Living, one day at a time, has now become the most important things to humans… and I don’t blame them.


None of this may make sense… and some of it may be confusing… but I’m honestly not expecting anyone to believe in the words of the Cyborg that runs around listening to a voice and killing people for a living… but as they said in the past “money is everything”