We've always enjoyed playing covers. Over the years we've recorded a lot of cover material along with our originals. The Beatles top the list of bands whose music we played. In 2008 Avory and I recorded sixteen instro versions of Beatle tunes for our new release entitled "She's A Woman - S&ST Play the Beatles" available now through CD Baby.

After completion of the CD we decided to keep the project going and recorded more Beatle tunes. We also decided to name the project "Dear Prudence."

"S&ST Play the Beatles Vol.2 - The Dear Prudence Sessions" is now released and available at CD Baby.

We will continue to make the tunes available for your listening pleasure at our Dear Prudence Myspace site:


Every month or so we'll rotate the songs on the Dear Prudence Myspace site, so if you want, you'll get to hear them all.

Here's a list of the Beatle tunes we've covered to date:

She's A Woman
It's Only Love
Twist & Shout
Don't Bother Me
From Me To You
Norwegian Wood
Please Mr. Postman
Eight Days A Week
Besame Mucho
I Will
I Need You
No Reply
Slow Down
I Want To Hold Your Hand

-These sixteen songs can be found on "She's A Woman - S&ST Play The Beatles."

-The following tunes are available on "S&ST Play The Beatles Vol. 2 - The Dear Prudence Sessions":

Please Please Me
Ask Me Why
I Saw Her Standing There
Til There Was You
I'll Get You
It Won't Be Long
All I've Got To Do
Can't Buy Me Love
Any Time At All
I'll Cry Instead
Tell Me Why
I'll Be Back
Every Little Thing
You Can't Do That
I Feel Fine
Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Ticket To Ride
The Night Before
If I Needed Someone
Nowhere Man
I'm Looking Through You
Think For Yourself
Eleanor Rigby
She Said She Said
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
Dear Prudence
Tomorrow Never Knows
Love Me Do

-And the following are as of yet "unreleased:"

All My Loving
Rock And Roll Music
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Happy Just To Dance With You
I Should Have Known Better
There's A Place
Strawberry Fields Forever
This Boy
Oh Darlin'
You Won't See Me
Devil In Her Heart
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Sgt. Pepper (Reprise)
A Day In The Life
Things We Said Today
A Taste Of Honey
And Your Bird Can Sing
Yes It Is
Got To Get You Into My Life
I'm A Loser
Thank You Girl
Baby It's You
Baby's In Black
You've Really Got A Hold On Me
A Hard Day's Night
PS I Love You
She Loves You
Words of Love
I Call Your Name
What You're Doing
Carry That Weight
Hold Me Tight
I Wanna Be Your Man
Honey Don't
The Hippy Hippy Shake
Like Dreamers Do
I'll Be On My Way
Love Of The Loved

-Watch for more of the Dear Prudence recordings.

Here's a link to CD Baby to purchase "She's A Woman - S&ST Play The Beatles."


...And to purchase "S&ST Play the Beatles Vol. 2 - The Dear Prudence Sessions."

S&ST Play the Beatles - The Dear Prudence Sessions

Reviews of "She's A Woman - S&ST Play the Beatles":

"Susan Yasinski, ably accompanied by Avory Gray, takes us on an instrumental tour of Beatle music played in a clean, clear style. 'Avory and I played every note. We opted not to use studio tricks to make it perfect, it is what it is.' And it's exactly that, it's great! Guitars, bass, a gentle touch on the drums and a very occasional phrase on an organ: this is guitar music pure and simple and clean." - John Holmes, Pipeline Instrumental Review, issue #78 (UK)

"It's a relaxed, lovely album played straight without any effects or wizardry and all the better for it. Great to revisit the old songs and the old days." - Davy Peckett, "New" Gandy Dancer, issue #86 (UK)

"...a departure of sorts with the band playing many songs done by the Liverpool charmers in lovely and easy arrangements. This disc plays well as a scene setter." - Phil Dirt, Reverb Central (USA)

"Originally based out of New York, the combo eventually migrated to Portland, Oregon where they remain today and have since earned accolades as one of the most interesting and respected instrumental groups to be had. Getting back to the Beatles, "She's A Woman" pays homage to the band's heroes in grand instrumental fashion... Not only will you approve of "She's A Woman" there's no doubt John, Paul, George and Ringo would too! - Beverly Paterson, Twist & Shake (USA)

Reviews of "S&ST Play the Beatles Vol 2 - The Dear Prudence Sessions":

"The light, poppy, and melodic nature of much of The Beatles' writing makes it excellent fodder for instrumental treatment. This second volume of their work is very well done, and very enjoyable. I was most impressed with the gentle tracks on this release, which is opposite my usual preference. Susan and the Surftones have outdone themselves with this release." - Phil Dirt, Reverb Central (USA)

"What a perfect memory of the sixties! Susan has kept this set very simple and even manages to sound like the vocal Beatles through her guitars. So the SurfTones' instrumental memories bring it all back with lovely guitars, great melodies and an excellent tribute, as always, a fine album." -Davy Peckett, "New" Gandy Dancer (UK), Issue 92

"Susan's cleanly picked lead is enhanced by echo and supported by strong rhythm playing in a style reflecting the flavour of the originals, including the vocal harmonies. You thus get guitars replacing the vocal lines whilst still enjoying another two replicating George's licks and John's rhythm."- Alan Taylor, Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK), Issue 82 Spring 2010

"For a while there, the tracks on this disc could be heard only as downloads, but after much coaxing and encouragement from their many fans, Susan and The SurfTones finally issued a proper record. “S&ST Play The Beatles - The Dear Prudence Sessions Volume 2” logs in as a great follow up to the Oregon band’s prior salute to John, Paul, George and Ringo, as once again the performances are absolutely stellar and the selection of tunes are wise and diversified.
Staying faithful to the original structures and arrangements of the songs we all know and cherish, Susan and The SurfTones flex their instrumental biceps to great effects each step of the way. Aside from hit singles like “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Feel Fine,” “Ticket To Ride,” “Nowhere Man,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Please Please Me” and “Eleanor Rigby,” the band also revisits not quite as widely aired cuts such as “Every Little Thing,” “I’m Looking through You,” “Think For Yourself” and “I’ll Get You.” No Beatles tribute would be complete without a splash of psychedelic splendor, and that’s where “She Said She Said” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” enter the picture. Of course, “Dear Prudence” is included in the package, while “If I Needed Someone” and “The Night Before” deserve to be mentioned too. An A-grade instrumental band, Susan and The SurfTones channel the mood and melodies of The Beatles with nothing but integrity and respect." - Beverly Paterson, Lance Monthly (USA)

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"I'll Cry Instead."

"A Day In The Life" with Susan and Avory.

"Like Dreamers Do" - One of our favorite Beatle tunes. You can hear the original on "Anthology 1."

Susan Sans-a-SurfTones plays the Beatles' "I Will" from our CD, "She's A Woman - S&ST Play the Beatles"