Various Artists / Compilations

Susan & The SurfTones have tracks on the following compilations:

Best of Surf
(selections from "Wrap-Around")
Star Search Music (Korea) - 2008
(only available on Korean/Asian shopping sites)

("Chinese Rock")
(Russia) - 2006

OmOm Music (Italy) - 2005

Charlie Does Surf
("Train In Vain")
Rickshaw Records (USA) - 2004

Curl Rider
("Stinger 67")
KFJC Radio (USA) - 2004

The Whole Lotta Shakin' Comp-Pile-Ation
Garage Pop Records (USA) - 2003

Jesus Christ Surferstar
("Everything's Alright"; "King Herod's Song")
Om-Om Music (Italy) - 2003

American Graffitti Revisited
Om-Om Music (Italy) - 2001

That's New Pussycat - Surftribute to Burt Bacharach
("The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance")
Om-Om Music (Italy) - 2000

Sounds From the Inside (Vol. 2)
("Spanish Wave")
California Music (Australia) - 2001

Smells Like Surf Spirit
("Baja; Walk Don't Run/Jezebel - Live")
Gee-Dee Music (Germany) - 1997

A Low Watt Document, Vol.1 - Frequency Modification
Shut Eye Records (USA) - 2001

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