After we recorded "I Can't Stand It" for Fluid Drive, we couldn't stop with the Velvet Underground tunes. Avory and I did ten more. She's playing drums in Moe Tucker style and doing some keyboard duty... I'm playing guitar and bass... I do so love my new bass...
So, here it is, something new, something different, "S&ST Play the VU."
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Best, Susan

We've recorded these ten Velvet Underground tunes:
White Light White Heat
There She Goes Again
Venus In Furs
Waiting For My Man
Femme Fatale
Foggy Notion
Sweet Jane
Run Run Run
All Tomorrow's Parties
What Goes On

This is a very limited release. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact us at


"It's rather an ambitious undertaking to give the stark desperation of the Velvet Underground's music the aquatic flow and innocence of surf music. Susan And The SurfTones have done well, bridging these two entirely disparate sounds with grace and engaging arrangements."
- Phil Dirt, Reverb Central (USA).

Read Phil Dirt's entire review: click this link for a web archive, or if that doesn't work on your browser click the following link to Phil's Reverb Central, then click "Reviews" - "new" and scroll to Susan & The SurfTones.
Reverb Central

"Susan and drummer Avory Gray play material by the Velvet Underground, penned mostly by Lou Reed. Really? Yes, really. The quality of the material and of their musicianship allows this mix to work, and it works very well."
- John Holmes, Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK)

"Quite a brave album here from the always welcome Surftones... There's still that gentle surf "less is more" style from Susan and it's good to hear stuff that's normally not associated with rock instrumental."
- Davy Peckett, New Gandy Dancer (UK)

"There She Goes Again - S&ST Play the VU" is #10 on Mike Murray's "Boss 20" for June, 2007. Visit Mike at


You can catch some tracks from "There She Goes Again..." on these archived radio programs:

Mike Lupica on WFMU (All Tomorrow's Parties; There She Goes Again)

Pseu Braun on WFMU (Femme Fatale)

PGB Show on WFMU (Sweet Jane)

Brain Turner on WFMU (What Goes On)

Evan "Funk" Davies on WFMU (Wating For My Man)

Ken on WFMU (What Goes On)

Marshall Stax on his "The Next Big Thing" show, KALX (Berkely, CA)
Visit for info on Marshall's show and playlists.