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Reverend Kate’s Theme of the Week
w/ Kate McAllister
SHOW #38 **12/06/05**
Theme: Annie’s Choice

Elastica – Annie (Elastica, TR#2) 1:13
Janis Joplin – Me & Bobby McGee (Greatest Hits, TR#5) 4:30
Grateful Dead – Throwing Stones (In The Dark, TR#6) 7:18
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (Tracy Chapman, TR#2) 4:56
Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister (Lost Boys Sdtrk, TR#6) 4:03
Concrete Blonde – Joey (Bloodletting, TR#9) 4:07
Edie Brickell – What I Am (Shooting Rubberbands.., TR#1) 4:54
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones (August And Everything After, TR#3) 4:33
The Streets – Dry Your Eyes (Annie’s CD, TR#1) 4:34
Madonna – Material Girl (Immaculate Collection, TR#5) 3:52
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Discography, TR#1) 3:59
Floater – The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy (Annie’s CD, TR#9) 3:16
Paul Simon – Father and Daughter (Annie’s CD, TR#13) 4:10
Mike Post – Law & Order Theme (Annie’s CD, TR#10) 3:15
Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas – Smooth (CD single, TR#1) 4:56
Firetools – Work In Progress (Annie’s CD, TR#7) 5:01
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge (Bloodsugarsexmagik, TR#11) 4:24
Real Life – Send Me an Angel (Annie’s CD TR#14) 3:49
Tom Petty – Last Dance With Mary Jane (Annie’s CD TR#16) 4:31
Floater – Cinema (Annie’s CD TR#8) 4:55
Blind Melon – No Rain (Blind Melon, TR#7) 3:37
Devo – Girl U Want (Tank Girl Sdtrk, TR#3) 3:51
Nofx – No Brews (Annie’s CD, TR#12) 2:40
Redd Cross – Annie’s Gone (Rock of the 90’s, TR#7) 3:38