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Reverend Kate’s Theme of the Week
w/ Kate McAllister
SHOW #24 **8/30/05**
Theme: Indie Rockin’

Common Rotation – Indie Rockin’ (Big Fear, TR#1) 2:51
Automatic Hotel – Sunnydale  (Firefly, TR#1) 3:22
James Marsters – No Promises (Civilized man, TR#9) 3:27
Anthony Stewart Head – Owning My Mistakes (Music for Elevators, TR#3) 3:18
Ghost of the Robot – Valerie (Mad Brilliant, TR#6) 2:37
Sweaty Nipples – Nice (ThrillCrazedSpaceKids, TR#3) 3:31
Henry’s Child – Honestly (Mumbles&Screams, TR#9) 4:40
The Dark – Dead Shall Rise (Alfred, TR#4) 3:23
Abney Park – Breathe (From Dreams of Angels, TR#5) 3:54
Cruxshadows – Deception (Frozen Embers, TR#13) 4:59
Neutered Prunes – I Don’t Want Another Goth Girlfriend (IWATHB, TR#5) 5:00
Cherry Poppin Daddies – Master and Slave (Zoot Suit Riot, TR#10) 4:04
Common Rotation – Rock Star (28 Orange Street, TR#2) 2:31
James Marsters – Every Man Thinks God Is On His Side (Civilized Man, TR#7) 3:34
Automatic Hotel – Like A Dream (Firefly, TR#2) 2:53
Ghost of the Robot – Dangerous (Mad Brilliant, TR#3)
Henry’s Child – Flicker (Clearly Confused, TR#3) 4:47
Cruxshadows – A Stranger Moment (Ethernaut, TR#8) 2:50
Abney Park – Holy War (For Dreams or Angels, TR#3) 4:26
The Dark – Choose to Lose My Mind (Alfred, TR#6) 4:46
Christian Kane – LA Song (Angel Sdtrk, TR#22) 3:06
James Marsters – For What I Need (Civilized Man, TR#5) 3:19
Incognito – Little Red Rooster (Blues Alive!, TR#8) 5:30
Anthony Stewart Head – Talk To You (Music for Elevators, TR#9) 2:23
Henry’s Child – Warm (Mumbles&Screams, TR#6) 4:41
Cruxshadows – Flames (Fortress In Flames, TR#8) 3:34
Common Rotation – Post Modern (Big Fear, TR#2) 4:01
Cherry Poppin Daddies – Brown Derby Jump (Zoot Suit Riot, TR#7) 2:58
The Drills – Air Hockey (COMPUTER) 2:40
Powder – Red (COMPUTER) 3:17