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Reverend Kate’s Theme of the Week
w/ Kate McAllister
SHOW #5 **4/19/05**
Theme: Foreign Exchange

AUSTRALIA: INXS “Calling All Nations” (Kick, TR #11) 3:00/F
CANADA: Barenaked Ladies “It’s All Been Done” (Stunt, TR #2) 3:26/N
GERMANY: Trio “Da Da Da” (Da Da Da, TR# 1) 3:25/F
SWEDEN: The Cardigans “Lovefool” (First Band On The Moon, TR#7) 3:21/N
ENGLAND: Geri Halliwell “Look At Me” (Schizophonic, TR# 1) 4:31/F
CANADA: Alanis Morrisette “Head Over Feet” (Jagged Little Pill, TR #8) 4:27/F(CD FAILED-SKIPPED)
SCOTLAND: Ashley MacIsaac “What An Idiot He Is” (hi how are you today?, TR#7) 4:29/F
ENGLAND: Anthony Stewart Head “Owning My Mistakes” (Music For Elevators, TR #3)3:18N
CANADA: Sven Gali “Keeps Me Down” (alternative TR#3) 4:22 (cue to -4:13 and pot up)/F
JAMAICA: Ziggy Marley “Rainbow In The Sky” (Charmed Sdtrk TR#10) 3:06/C
ENGLAND: Duran Duran “Is There Something I Should Know” (Decade TR#6) 4:05/F
SWEDEN: Blue Swede “Hooked On A Feeling” (Res. Dogs soundtrack TR#4) 2:53/F
ENGLAND: Steel Pulse “Rollerskates” (Smash Hits, TR#2) 4:45
ENGLAND: Pet Shop Boys “Vampires” (Nightlife TR#6) 4:43/F
ICELAND: Bjork “Immature” (homogenic TR#7) 3:06/F
IRELAND: Sinead o’Connor “Jump In The River” (I do not want what I haven’t got, TR#7) 4:12/F