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Drink Note/description Quote
Ale   The Forkbeard himself now, from a wooden keg, poured a great tankard of ale, which must have been of the measure of five gallons. Over this he then closed his fist. It was the sign of the hammer, the sign of Thor. The tankard then, with two great bronze handles, was passed from hands to hands among the rowers. The men threw back their heads and, the liquid spilling down their bodies, drank ale. It was the victory ale.
 Marauders of Gor
Bazi Tea -NOTE-... the fancy bazi tea ceremony seen online at times with this cup meaning this and that meaning that... is simply a onlineism and not once found in any books nor is reference given that I have found to any cup meaning anything or any of the cups prepared any different but all three cups prepared the same. Tea is extremely important to the nomads. It is served hot and heavily sugared. It gives them strength then, in virtue of the sugar, and cools them, by making them sweat, as well as stimulating them. It is drunk three small cups at a time, carefully measured.

"Is it ready?" I asked. I looked at the tiny copper kettle on the small stand. A tiny kaiila-dung fire burned under it. A small, heavy, curved glass was nearby, on a flat box, which would hold some two ounces of the tea. Bazi tea is drunk in tiny glasses, usually three at a time, carefully measured. 

There was a cup and a pitcher of Bazi tea on the counter. Bazi tea is a common beverage on Gor. Many Goreans are fond of it. Kajira of Gor

Black Wine note the spelling.... its black wine.... NOT one word... not blackwine or blackwyne.  the books are consistent in this.


Also... at no time is it ever referred to as being served "first slave"... only second which is black.  and second slave for black wine ONLY means black... not one way one home.. another in a different.. again.. the books are consistent in this account.

I had heard of black wine, but had never had any. It is drunk in Thentis, but I had never heard of it being much drunk in other Gorean cities...Then I picked up one of the thick, heavy clay bowls...It was extremely strong, and bitter, but it was hot, and, unmistakably, it was coffee. 
Assassins of Gor

'Second slave,' I told her, which, among the river towns, and in certain cities, particularly in the north, is a way of indicating that I would take the black wine without creams or sugars, and as it came from the pouring vessel, which, of course, in these areas, is handled by the "second slave," the first slave being the girl who puts down the cups, takes the orders and sees that the beverage is prepared according to the preferences of the one who is being served. The expression "second slave," incidentally, serves to indicate that one does not wish creams or sugars with one's black wine, even if only one girl is serving. 
Guardsman of Gor

Chocolate   "This is warmed chocolate," I said, pleased. It was very rich and creamy. "Yes Mistress." said the girl. "I is very good," I said. "Thank you, Mistress," she said. "Is it from Earth?" I asked. "Not directly," she said. "Many things here, of course, ultimately have an Earth origin. It is not improbable that the beans from which the first cacao trees on this world were grown were brought from Earth." 
Kajira of Gor
Falarian Wine this is a wine that is said to cost as much as a City itself, it is a wine of legend and there is no reference at all to it actually being served or even of a bottle being produced to gaze upon. The one reference to the legendary wine was used by the mere mention of it to lure a Free Woman to drink a drugged beverage and be captured.  Among these petitioners came one fellow bringing with him the promise of a gift of wine, a wine supposedly secret, the rare Falarian, a wine only rumored among collectors to exist, a wine supposedly so rare and precious that its cost might purchase a city.
Mercenaries of Gor
Fermented Milk Curds   By one fire I could see a squat Tuchuk, hands on his hips, dancing and stamping about by himself, drunk on fermented milk curds, dancing, according to Kamchak, to please the sky. 
Nomads of Gor
Juice ramberry's are the size of plums, not raspberry's that many assume -quote on the food page- ramberry juice is often added to other juices to add to the flavor
Topspit is referred to as very bitter --think earth lemon-- it is made and served as a sugared juice
 there is no limit to the kinds of juices that can be created... have fun with this one
I purchased some larma juice for a tarsk bit. "Is it cool," I asked. "Yes," she said.
 Mercenaries of Gor
Ka-La-Na dry red wine..stored in bottles that bear a wax seal of where it was made. as with Earth wines, there is different qualities, the best is said to be from Ar

Note the effects on women that ka-la-na has

After the meal I tasted the drink, which might not inappropriately be described as an almost incandescent wine, bright, dry, and powerful.  Tarnsman of Gor

The guards had liked us, muchly, and had apparently expected that they would for, to our delight, they had purchased a small bottle of Ka-la-na wine, in a wicker basket, which they had permitted us, swallow by swallow, to share. I had never tasted so rich and delicate a wine on Earth, and yet here, on this world, it cost only a copper tarn disk and was so cheap, and plentiful, that it might be given even to a female slave. I remembered each of the four swallows which I had had. I tasted them even still, with the meat and bread which I had eaten. It was the first Gorean fermented beverage which I had tasted. It is said that Ka-la-na has an unusual effect on a female. I think it is true. Captive of Gor

Kal-da   "Kalda is a hot drink, almost scalding, made of diluted Kalana wine, mixed with citrus juices and stinging spices. I did not care much for the mouth warming concoction, but it was popular with some of the lower castes, particularly those whom performed strenuous manual labor. I expected its popularity was due more to its capacity to warm a man and stick to his ribs, and to its cheapness ( a poor grade of Ka-la-na wine being used in its brewing) than to any gustatory excellence. Moreover, where there was Kal-da there should be bread and meat. I thought of the yellow Gorean bread, baked in the shape of round, flat loaves, fresh and hot; My mouth watered for a tabuk steak or, perhaps, if I were lucky, a slice of roast tarsk, the formidable six tusked wild boar of Gor`s temperate forests." 
Outlaw of Gor
Mead   "Here Jarl," said Thyri, again handing me the horn. It was filled with the mead of Torvaldsland, brewed from fermented honey, think and sweet.
Marauders of Gor
Milk   "...the suckling of the young in the sand kailla is a valuable trait in the survival of the animal; kaiila milk, which is used , like verr milk, by the peoples of the Tahari, is reddish, and has a strong, salty taste; it contains much ferrous sulphate 
Tribesman of Gor

When the meat was ready, Kamchak ate his fill, and drank down, too, a flagon of bosk milk 
Nomads of Gor

kaiila milk, like verr milk, is used by the peoples of the Tahari; it is reddish and has a strong salty taste, features which one supposes are connected with some sort of climatologically adaptation; it has a high iron content; men do not drink it unless water is plentiful; 
Tribesmen of Gor

Paga Sa-Tarna generally just called paga.  If not stipulated to anything special, this is the paga that is being ordered. I decided, if worse came to worse, that I could always go to a simple Paga Tavern where, if those of Tharna resembled those of Ko-ro-ba and Ar, one might, curled in a rug behind the low tables, unobtrusively spend the night for the price of a pot of Paga, a strong, fermented drink brewed from the yellow grains of Gor's staple crop, Sa-Tarna, or Life Daughter. The expression is related to Sa-Tassna, the expression for meat, or for food in general, which means Life-Mother. Paga is a corruption of Pagar-Sa-Tarna, which means Pleasure of the Life Daughter 
Outlaw of Gor
Palm Wine no real description given and only one quote was located.
It is a export of Schendi
"One of her most delicious exports is palm wine." 
Explorers of Gor
Rence Beer   At such times there is drinking of rence beer, steeped, boiled and fermented from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the plant; Raiders of Gor
Second Wine
[breeding wine]
  The active ingredient in the breeding wine, or the "second wine," is a derivative of teslik. In the matter of bitterness of taste there is little to choose from between raw sip root and slave wine, the emulsive qualities of the slave wine being offset to some extent by the strength of the concentrations involved. 
Blood Brothers of Gor
Slave wine   "Slave wine," he said. "Need I drink that?" I asked, apprehensively. "Unless you have had slave wine," he said, "I have no intention of taking you through the streets clad as you are. Suppose you are raped." I put the flask, which he had opened, to my lips. Its opening was large enough to drink freely from. "It is bitter!" I said, touching my lips to it. "It is the standard concentration, and dosage," be said, "plus a little more, for assurance. Its effect is indefinite, but it is normally renewed annually, primarily for symbolic purposes. I could not believe how bitter it was. I had learned from Susan, whom I had once questioned on the matter, the object. It is prepared from a derivative of sip root. The formula, too, I had learned, at the insistence of masters and slavers, had been improved by the caste of physicians within the last few years. It was now, for most practical purposes, universally effective. Too, as Drusus Rencius bad mentioned, its effects, at least for most practical A purposes, lasted indefinitely. "Have no fear," said Drusus Rencius. "Me abatement of its effects is. reliably achieved by the ingestion of a releaser." "Oh," I said. I knew this, of course. Susan had told me. When*a female slave is given the releaser she knows that she may soon expect to be hooded, and bred. "Could it not be sweetened?" I asked. "I have chosen that you drink it as it is," be said, "as it is normally drunk." "You would have the Tatrix of Corcyrus drink unsweetened slave wine?" I asked. "Shall we return to the palace?" he asked. "I will drink it," I said. I was a bit irritated with Drusus Rencius. Clad as I was before him, he had seemed to become much more domineering, much more aggressive with me, than he had before. Something in me resented this, but I felt something else, something deeper within me, how deep I did not know, excited and deeply moved, responding to it." 'Do you wish help in drinking it?" he asked. "How could you help me drink it?" I asked, puzzled. "The female is put on her knees," he said. "The man crouches behind her. Her head and body are bent back. Her nostrils are pinched shut. The liquid is then poured into her mouth. Before she can breathe, she must swallow. In this way even a frightened or stubborn girl, early in her bondage, learns that she must, if her master wishes it, accept nourishment." "What if she keeps her mouth closed, her teeth clenched' I asked. "What if she chooses to expel the nourishment later?" "A mouth may be forced open," he said. "Too, it is difficult to induce gagging if the hands are tied behind one." "I see," I said. "To be sure," he said, "this method, for its best results, requires two men. Do you wish help?" "No, thank you," I said. "I shall manage very nicely by myself." I then, grimacing, forcing myself, a little at a time, and then, desperately, tears in my eyes, hurrying, in great swallows, downed the foul beverage.
"Very good," be said.
Kajira of Gor

"Sul paga, as anyone knew, is seldom available outside of a peasant village, where it is brewed. Sul paga would slow a tharlarion. To stay on your feet after a mouthful of Sul paga it is said one must be of the peasants, and then for several generations. And even then it is said, it is difficult to manage. There is a joke about the baby of a peasant father being born drunk nine months later" 
Slave Girl of Gor

Ta-Wine   "It was Ta wine, from the Ta grapes of the terraces of Cos...In the last year heavy import duties had been levied by the high council of Vonda against the wines of certain other cities, in particular against the Ka-la-nas of Ar." 
Fighting Slave of Gor
Tea Tea can be made from fruits and herbs and roots, the main quotes of the books refer to bazi, but as we all know just about anything  like fruits and roots and herbs seeped in water will make tea as weak or strong as you wish  
Turian Liquer   She picked up the small tray from the stand near the table. On it was the small vessel containing a thick, sweet liqueur from distant Turia, the Ar of the south, and the two tiny glasses from which we had sipped it. 
Explorers of Gor
Water   Another useful source of water is the liana vine. One makes the first cut high, over one's head, to keep the water from being withdrawn by contraction and surface adhesion up the vine. The second cut, made a foot or so from the ground, gives a vine tube which, drained, yields in the neighborhood of a liter of water. 
Explorers of Gor
White Wine   In the hall was a open circle of small tables, at which a handful of guests, on cushions and mats, reclined. There were four men and two women at these tables, other than the Lady Florence, the hostess, and her guest of the past several days, the Lady Metpomene. The tables were covered with cloths of glistening white and a service of gold. Before each guest there were tiny slices of tospit and larma, small pastries, and in a tiny golden cup, with a small golden spoon, the clustered, black, tiny eggs of the white grunt. The first wine, a light white wine, was being deferentially served by Pamela and Bonnie. Fighting Slave of Gor
Wine   In a Gorean supper in a house of wealth, in the course of the supper, with varied courses, eight to ten wines might be served, each suitably and congruously matched with respect to texture and bouquet not only to one another but to the accompanying portions of food."
Fighting Slave of Gor



There are a few specific vessels on gor, but there is some latitude to be had 
with all the hand crafting of many vessels the sizes of such are not
carved in stone.  So a 'cup' may very well be the size of a Mug today

Keep in Mind things like 'glass' and 'crystal' would be highly expensive and rare

-=Amphora=-   “Would you like a drink?” I asked Boabissia.
“Yes,” she said.
I purchased her some larma juice for a tarsk bit.
“Is it cool?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said. The morning was hot.
It would have been stored overnight, I assumed, in an amphora, buried to the neck in the cool earth. Sometimes Earth girls, first brought to Gor, do not understand why so many of these two-handled, narrow-necked vessels have such a narrow, usually pointed base, for they cannot stand upright on such a base. They have not yet learned that these vessels are not intended to stand upright. Rather they are commonly fitted into a storage hole, buried there to keep their contents cool, the necks above the earth. The pointed base, of course, presses into the soft earth at the bottom of the storage hole.
Mercenaries pg 257
-=Bota=-   I could see the small campfire by the wagon. Back from it a bit, to the left, Tupita was tending Mirus. About the fire, were the stranger, still masked, and, unarmed, Callisthenes and Sempronius. Their blades were hung on the side of the closed slave wagon. They were talking, and passing a bota about, which probably contained paga.

The stranger had now screwed shut the lid on the bota.

Dancer pg 428-429


made out of various things and are of varying sizes

I sprang to my feet and looked about the room. There were several chests in the room, including the iron-banded one with its heavy lock. There were also some cabinets against one wall, filled with plate and cups, some bottles of paga and Ka-la-na.
pg 24

We were given some small cups of tin, containing some diluted Ka-la-na that the girls had probably stolen.
 pg 224


A number of men crowded between the tables then and some dice, inked knucklebones of the verr, were soon rattling in a metal goblet. Assasins 247

I thrust out the silver paga goblet, studded with rubies, and Telima, standing beside my throne like chair, filled it. I did not look upon her.Raiders pg 222

-=Kalana Flask=-  

I went to his locker near the mat and got out his Ka-la-na flask, taking a long draught myself and then shoving it into his hands.  He drained the flask in one drink and wiped his hand across his beard, stained with the red juice of the fermented drink.
Tarnsmen pg 70


The girls filled their vessels, which, like the hydria, or water vessel, are high-handled, for dipping, in a large kettle hung simmering over a fire near the entrance to the enclosure.
Vagabonds pg 6