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The Gorean society is broken up into a a system of Castes, Two main castes  High and Low.
Each caste has its own set of codes that they live by, though some  in the books are spoken of further in depth of others.  A child is born into the caste of their Father.  Even a woman can be born into the 'red caste' which, yes is the warriors caste, but a woman of the red caste is -not- considered a warrior.  It is also not unheard of for a person to change castes for one reason or another as seen by these following quotes.

"The caste structure," said my father patiently, with perhaps the trace of a smile on his 
face, "is relatively immobile, but not frozen, and depends on more than birth. For example, 
if a child in his schooling shows that he can raise caste, as the expression is, he is 
permitted to do so. But similarly, if a child does not show the aptitude expected of his 
caste, whether it be, say, that of a physician or warrior, he is lowered in caste." 
"I see," I said, not much reassured. 
"The High Castes in a given city," said my father, "elect an administrator and council for 
stated terms. In times of crisis, a war chief, or Ubar, is named, who rules without check 
and by decree until, in his judgment, the crisis is passed." 
-Tarnsman of Gor, pg. 42 

I had seen few women, but knew that they, when free, were promoted or demoted within the 
caste system according to the same standards and criteria as the men, although this varied, 
I was told, considerably from city to city.
-Tarnsman of Gor, pg. 44 

But it must be remembered as well that a person to change their caste must  have the approval of the High Caste Council of their Homestone or was considered a outlaw and could very well be impaled as seen in this quote.

There were only three statuses conceivable to the Gorean mind outside the caste system: 
slave, outlaw, and Priest-King. A man who refused to practice his livelihood or strove to 
alter status without the consent of the Council of High Castes was, by definition, an outlaw 
and subject to impalement.
--Tarnsman of Gor, pg. 46 

Below the listing of castes there will be further quotes  concerning general caste information.

High Castes
listed in ranking order

* Name* *colors* *general information*
Caste of Initiates White

First of the High Castes, the Initiates are said to believe in many things among them immortality  and to be representative of the Priest kings themselves.
Quotes regarding the Caste of Initiates

Caste of Scribes Blue

Second of the High castes, the scribes are the scholars, writers, and Historians of the Gorean society, studious  with great attention to detail, they  deal with record keeping and accounting, sub castes  include caste of mapmakers and magistrates to name a couple
Quotes regarding the Caste of Scribes

Caste of Builders Yellow Third of the High castes, they deal with the engineering and physical building on Gor, some of the sub castes include masons and inventors and draftsmen and engineers
Quotes regarding the Caste of Builders
Caste of Physicians Green Fourth of the High castes, deal with medical and healing in all forms, medical researchers and non-combative in battles
Quotes regarding the caste of Physicians
Caste of Warriors Scarlet/Red Fifth of the High Castes, they make up the Tarnsmen and Calvary of Gor in the different  forms.  Having the strictest of codes to follow of all castes
Quotes regarding the caste of warriors

Low Castes

Caste of Animal Handlers    
The Caste of Artisans    
Caste of Assassins Black  
Caste of Bakers    
Caste of Brewers    
Caste of Butchers    
Caste of Charcoal Makers Black and Grey  
Caste of Clothiers    
Caste of Dress Makers    
Caste of Drovers    
Caste of Entertainers    
Caste of Fishermen    
Caste of Goat-Keepers    
Caste of Lamplighters    
Caste of Leather Workers    
Caste of Merchants White and Gold  
Caste of Metal Workers Grey  
Caste of Moneylenders    
Caste of Musicians    
Caste of Oil Makers    
Caste of Peasants Brown  
Caste of Perfumers    
Caste of Players Red and Yellow
-checkered pattern-
Caste of Poets Aqua and Red  
Caste of Pot Makers Brown and Green  
Caste of Rence-Growers    
Caste of Ropemakers    
Caste of Saddle Makers Tan  
Caste of Sailors    
Caste of Singers Aqua and Red  
Caste of Slavers Blue and Yellow  
Caste of Sleen Trainers    
Caste of Tarn Keepers Grey and Green  
Caste of Thieves    
Clan of Torturers Black and Red  
Caste of Vart Trainers    
Caste of Waste Collectors    
Caste of Weavers    
Caste of Winemakers    
Caste of Wood Carriers    
Caste of Woodsmen Grey