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US Route 97 Business (Bend)
US Route 97 Business (Bend)
US Route 97 Business (Bend)
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US Route 97 Business Info and Map
US-97 Business's location in Bend
Length: 5.75 miles
Type: Undivided Highway
Lifespan: unknown-present
Northern Terminus: US-20/US-97 in northern Bend
Southern Terminus: US-97 south of Bend
Cities Served: Bend
Intersects: none


(within Bend; Hwy #17 MP 18.51-20.99, 2.48 miles)

Oregon Highway Name/Numbers: McKenzie-Bend Highway #17
The Dalles-California Highway #4 (3rd St. Spur)
US Route 97 Business Route Definition

"From the junction of East 1st Street and The Dalles-California Highway, US97 and US20, north of Bend, southerly over East 1st Street, Deschutes Place, and Wall Street, in common with US20 Business, to its junction with Newport Avenue; thence southerly over the Wall Street-Bond Street couplet to Franklin Avenue; thence easterly over Franklin to its junction with East 3rd Street, The Dalles-California Highway, US97 and US20, in Bend."

~ ODOT, Descriptions of US and Oregon Routes, March 2007 (old alignment, has not been updated)

US Route 97 Business History

The current incarnation of US-97 Business through Bend was the result of US-97 moving to the Bend Parkway in 2001. It runs along the old US-97 alignment through Bend along 3rd St., co-signed with US-20 for almost half of its length (and it is fully co-signed). The entire length used to be the 3rd St. Spur of The Dalles-California Highway, then the McKenzie-Bend Highway was extended over the portion that was co-signed with US-20 in July 2003. The southern portion was eventually decommissioned as well, but was still signed.

Before the Bend Parkway, US-97 Business existed on a whole other alignment through Bend, running south along 1st St. from US-20 just north of Bend, then following Deschutes Place, and Wall St. to Newport Ave., where it was signed on the Wall St.-Bond St. couplet to Franklin, where the route turned East until it rejoined with US-97 in Bend. This version was an old alignment of US-97 through Bend, realigned at some point in the 1940's or 1950's. Some maps still show the old alignment of US-97 Business, such as ODOT's own online map of Bend and the most recent (as of May 2007) version of Descriptions of US and Oregon Routes. It is entirely possible for Bend to have two business routes, but I doubt it because it would cause confusion. Therefore, the 3rd St. alignment is what I'm going by.