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Oregon Route 22

Oregon Route 22 Log

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Junction US-101 (Oregon Coast Highway #9) at milepost 84.94
OR-22 Western Terminus
Three Rivers Highway #32 Western Terminus
Junction OR-130 (Little Nestucca Highway #130) at milepost 9.30
OR-130 Eastern Terminus
Little Nestucca Highway #130 Eastern Terminus
Junction OR-18 (Salmon River Highway #39) at milepost 23.04
Three Rivers Highway #32 Eastern Terminus
OR-22 joins OR-18 (Salmon River Highway #39), leaves Three Rivers Highway #32
Valley Jct.
Milepost Resynchronization: MP 23.31=MP 23.32
Valley Jct.
Junction OR-22 (Willamina-Salem Highway #30) at milepost 0.00
Willamina-Salem Highway #30 Western Terminus
OR-22 joins Willamina-Salem Highway #30, leaves OR-18 (Salmon River Highway #39)
between Ft. Hill Jct. and Willamina
Milepost Resynchronization: MP 5.98=MP 6.00
between Buell and Dolph Corner
Junction OR-223 (Kings Valley Highway #191) at milepost 0.00
OR-223 Northern Terminus
Kings Valley Highway #191 Northern Terminus
Dolph Corner
Junction OR-223 Spur (Dallas-Rickerall Highway #189) at milepost 4.01
OR-223 Spur Eastern Terminus
Dallas-Rickreall Highway #189 Eastern Terminus
Junction OR-99W (Pacific Highway West #1W) at milepost 57.43
Junction OR-51 (Independence Highway #51) at milepost 0.00
OR-51 Northern Terminus
Independence Highway #193 Northern Terminus
Brunks Corner
Milepost Resynchronization: MP 20.56=MP 20.75
Brunks Corner
Junction OR-221 (Edgewater St.) (Salem Maintained) Eastbound Off-Ramp
OR-221 Southern Terminus
West Salem
Junction OR-221 (Edgewater St.) (Salem Maintained) Westbound On-Ramp
OR-221 Southern Terminus
West Salem
Junction OR-221 (Salem-Dayton Highway #150) Eastbound On-Ramp at milepost 20.93
Salem-Dayton Highway #150 Southern Terminus
West Salem
Junction OR-221 (Salem-Dayton Highway #150) Westbound Off-Ramp
Connects to OR-221 (Salem-Dayton Highway #150) at milepost 20.78 in 0.20 miles
West Salem
Junction Willamina-Salem Highway #30AR Front St. Connector at milepost C25.97
OR-22 joins Willamina-Salem Highway #30AR Front St. Connector, leaves Willamina-Salem Highway #30
Junction OR-99E Business (Salem Highway #72) at milepost 5.19
OR-22 joins OR-99E Business (Salem Highway #72), leaves Willamina-Salem Highway #30AR Front St. Connector
Junction North Santiam Highway #162 at milepost 1.17
Salem Highway #72 Southern Terminus
North Santiam Highway #162 Western Terminus
OR-22 and OR-99E Business join North Santiam Highway #162, leave Salem Highway #72
Junction I-5 and OR-99E Southbound (Pacific Highway #1) at milepost 253.89
Junction I-5 and OR-99E Northbound (Pacific Highway #1) at milepost 253.87
OR-99E Business Southern Terminus
Junction OR-214 (Silver Creek Falls Highway #163) at milepost 8.78
OR-214 Southern Terminus
Silver Creek Falls Highway #163 Southern Terminus
near Shaw
Junction OR-226 (Albany-Lyons Highway #211) at milepost 25.71
OR-226 Northern Terminus
Albany-Lyons Highway #211 Northern Terminus
Junction US-20 and OR-126 (Santiam Highway #16) at milepost 74.90
OR-22 Eastern Terminus
North Santiam Highway #162 Eastern Terminus
Santiam Jct.
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