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This is my original character that I had developed.

Name: Orion
Height: 6 3
Weight: 190 lbs
Fighting Style: Many styles of marital arts, ki based
Weapon: The Guardian Sword
This sword was passed down by each Guardian to their kin in each generation. The sword holds emmense energy.

Weapon Moves: Orion can focus his power to the sword and his sword can be engulfed with fire. It is called the Internal Flame technique. He has also three techniques he has honed.
Dragon's Breath: When the sword is covered with fire Orion is able to point his sword anywhere. He then grabs the sword with two hands and fire projects out of the sword. As the fire come closer to whatever he points the fire expands and covers the object.
Reign of Fire: Orion holds his sword with both hands moves the sword in a circle motion. Next he holds the sword with the blade pointing upward. After that fire projects out of the circle. That can engulf anything.
Slicer X: He concentrates his power to his sword. The sword receives all the energy. He then slices a giant X that he can control. Once it has made contact to any item he can command it to explode.

Brief History:
In the first three years of his life was peaceful on the Planet of Marz. His peaceful world was shattered on the age of four when he saw his father killed. His father sacrificed his life to prevent an evil beign named Damien to destroy the rest of the universe. In the next 14 years of his life he trained himself so one day he can avenge his father's death with his own hands.
At the age of 18 he finally found Damien and it took a two year battle in every part of the universe to finally kill Damien. Now at the age of 20 it is mission to destroy any evil so nobody else would suffer the tragic event that happen to him.
Orion is The Guardian of Marz. His race is called Guardians and they posses unique powers. All different from each other and they use their powers to protect whatever planet they are on. Guardians are very close and help each other. His objective is to protect Marz from any form of evil.
Orion only stands six feet but walks like a tall mountain. His skin is of tan color and contains no unique features. He has black eyes and short spicky black hair. On his head there is his lucky bandana because its a piece of his father's clothes when he died. Orion wears a red shortsleeve undershirt and a black vest that covers the shirt. Also wears regular sized pants with brown army type boots. His hands are covered with black gloves that have holes so his fingers can stick out. On his back he carries the Guardian Sword where the strap goes diagonally across his chest.

His true powers come from the gold Rosetta gem he wears. This gem was formed by he core energy of the planet and used to gain extreme power. When he focuses his energy at a certain level and a certain emotional state he can transform into Super Orion or Phase 1. His hair changes color and both his power and speed increase. His hair turns red and his pupils turn red. He can also power to Phase 2 and Phase 3. Phase 2 is also called Mega Orion. His hair has a little bit of orange and electricity flows around him. For Phase 3 or sometimes called Ultra Orion his hair becomes a perfect mix of orange and red. His hair becomes really spiky. This is the true power of the stone when he gets to the level his is truly powerful.
There is also a Phase 4 this is a unique level because he can only achieve this level without the stone. This level is used by his extreme and pure rage. He becomes a different person and becomes a little bit evil. He cannot control himself so that is why he must not lose this gem.

Techniques: He has many techniques they are Power Fist, Orion Blast, Destruction Ball, Orion Mega Blast, and Rapid Fire Cannon.
The Power Fist is when he concentrates his power to his hands and his hands become more powerful than his whole body.
The Orion Blast is when he puts his hands in a shape of a diamond and concentrates his power and fires a blast from his hands.
Destruction Ball is an amazing attack. He makes a ball of energy and throws to whoever is his enemy. When the ball hits his enemy the ball absorbs him and he cannot leave it. He then powers up the ball to maximum level and he then commands the ball to be destroyed.
Orion Mega Blast is similar to the Orion Blast but he puts his hands flat and is more powerful.
Rapid Fire Cannon is powerful attack and small balls of energy are launched from his fist.

Orion is a young man who is new to fighting. He is fueled by emotions and is impatience at times. Emotions are good but at times they clogg his mind and does not think. He does not strategized and relies on the moment. Whatever opportunity presents itself Orion will take it. It does not mean he can't fight he still is a skilled fighter. However when there is no chance of him winning he transformes into the Phases. When he has transform he is compelety different fighter. He is more confident and more skilled.

Orion Pic