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The Real Latin Pimp

Alright well I just talk about myself. I'll give you a ittle bio of myself.

Name: Ramon Ortiz
Height: 5 ' 6 "
Weight: 172 lbs (This will change)
Race: Puerto Rican
Born: Ponce, Puerto Rico

I lived in Puerto Rico for 1 year and then my parents moved to the U.S. We lived in Waterbury, CT ever since. Now I will talk about the things I enjoy. I enjoy so many things.

I'll talk about my sports team that I like:
1) Baseball - NY Yankess
2) Basketball - NY Knicks
3) Hockey - NY Rangers
4) Football - The Green Bay Packers

Of course I love music and the type I like are:
1) Hip-Hop
2) Salsa and Merenge
5) Rock

Other stuff I like are cartoons. I could go all day about my favorite cartoons.

Let me tell you about the cartoons I like now
1) Dragon Ball Z
2) G Gundam
3) Spongebob SquarePants (Thats RIGHT!)

Now for the type of girl I like well I'm not biased. I like all races it doesn't matter. If a girl is fine she is fine what her color is. But I'll tell what I do look for.
1) Looks - I really like a cute face
2) Body
3) Butt - I like some junk in the trunk
4) Eyes
5) Personality - Yeah its the last one but I can't tell by just looking at you.