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    Location: Historical Tour > Jackson Bottom > Walker House

Walker House (built circa 1890)

Walker House
711 SE Maple Street

This Queen Anne style residence was built in the 1880s or early 1890s. Although the structure has been altered, it retains much of its original architectural integrity. Features include the vertical massing, projecting gables (several exhibiting a sunburst motif) and jigsawn pediments over the windows. Also, two of the house's three porches retain their bracketed posts and frieze and cornice ornamentation.

This property originally encompassed the entire south end of its block and the house was built oriented toward the west, with its formal entry facing SE Seventh Avenue. At some point, however, the Seventh Avenue end of the lot was subdivided and now the west elevation (originally the front of the house) is obscured. The south side porch, facing Maple Street, has become the home's main entrance.

The house's original owner is unknown. However, Lucy E. Walker (née Scholl) bought the property from W. T. Scholl in 1893 for $450. This seller may have been Lucy's younger brother, William. Lucy lived here until she died in 1913.

Lucy had traveled overland with her parents, Elizabeth and Peter Scholl, in 1847 and her father ran one of the first ferry crossings on the Tualatin River. Lucy was married to Stephen H. Walker but it is unclear whether he ever lived in this city dwelling with his wife.

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Photo date: September 2001
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