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Welcome was made by Kristin(president) and Christina(Vice President) at 7:30 PM.

Members in attendance were: Jaime, Ashley, and Alicia.

Christina talked about our blood donations which we all decided to have on September 17th. We thought that would be a good date since the Summer has a very high need for blood, due to crashes and other reasons. Christina would call the Red Cross and make the appointment for us. Kristin and Christina will gives rides to anyone who needs them.

So the blood donations were decided for September 17th at about 1 or 2 PM.

Christina and Kristin talked about The Race for The Cure. It happens on September 19th which is held at the Water Front Park in Portland. We have decided to register seperatly instead of as a team. Makes it easier and we don't have enough people who can make it to be a team. The fee is $25 per person as we are registering for the Womens 5K walk.

Kristin talked about the rules of the group and that we needed to make some good ones. She shared her rule on family photo taking of Hanson. Christina gave her rule on meeting Hanson as a group. Ashley shared her rule on staying in contact through everything. Safety and non safety reasons. The rules will get posted on the site and in our team notebooks.

Jaime gave a great idea about road clean ups. Kristin requested an "Adopt A Road" project to go with Jaime's road clean up. Jaime was put in charge of the road clean up and adopt a road project. More info on that later.

We talked about making our shirts in time to wear them for the blood donations and the race for the cure. We decided to plan that weekend of the blood donations and the race (3 days) to make our shirts and hats and have a small Hanson party at Kristin's house. We talked about the design.

Kristin closed the meeting at 8:40 PM.