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Reputable Breeder Vs. Pet Shop
Most puppies are cute, but they grow up.  
Please research the breeder of your next dog carefully,
and avoid purchasing from pet shops.

We want you to understand why we always encourage dog buyers to seek
a reputable  breeder.
 This comparison chart shows the major differences.  
As with any generalizations, there are always exceptions.

                 Reputable Breeder

Pet Shop
Has good quality breeding stock Buys mostly from brokers. Brokers get them from Puppy Mills and add 200-300% on to the price!
Does OFA or  PennHip X-rays Doesn't  check to see if the pup's parents have hip clearances
Does CERF prior to any breeding Doesn't check for eye problems
Breeds only when looking to get & keep a specific puppy.  Much research into pedigrees & individual dogs is required. Buys from "breeders"  that breed  many litters per year.
Doesn't over breed any bitch Buys from "breeders"  that breed bitches on every season. Breeding every season depletes the female's energy reserves, causing smaller, weak pups, and a shorter life span.
Sells ALL pet puppies with a spay/neuter contract Do not require spay/neuter.  Some may even encourage you to breed the puppy you buy and sell the pups back to them, in order to give you an incentive to buy/breed dogs of questionable parentage.
Sells ALL pet puppies with AKC Limited Registration Will not restrict registration in any way
Carefully screens  prospective buyers  for suitability as a dog owner Sells to anyone who had the funds at the time
Gives out  information  on the breed specifically, and dogs in general, to anyone that needs it.  Shiba Inu Home Page May sell breed books.  The book selection RARELY includes a good training book.  Frequently the staff have no/incorrect info on the breed, and often say to breed the dog, because its good for them to have a litter! This is incorrect.
Honestly represents his/her dog's faults May not know the dog's faults.  Often represent the dog as coming from "champion lines"
Will take back any dog s/he has produced at any time in the dog's life.   May take the dog back within a  short time (less than 30 days), IF their vet finds it has a communicable disease.
Rescues  dog's of other's breeding that need placement. Sells dogs that often need to be rescued
Will refer you to other reputable breeders, if s/he doesn't have what you are looking for.  Shiba-L Roster Some pet shops may refer you to a breeder, if they can't acquire the breed of puppy you are seeking or may try to  talk you into getting a different breed, just to make a sale.
Has a written Contract for the sale of pet/show prospect puppies. Has  no  contract, just the sales receipt
Guarantees  the genetic  health of the dog for at least  2 years, possibly for life. Doesn't provide any long term guarantees
Keeps in touch with those s/he has sold puppies to. Has no clue where the puppies are, once they leave the shop
Keeps a list of people who have tried to acquire a puppy via fraudulent means, and is willing to share this info with other breeders. Doesn't care about the ethics of someone trying to buy a dog
Belongs to the National Breed Club. National Shiba Club of America N/A
May belong to an all breed kennel club. N/A
Supplies all necessary vet care along with shots, worming, flea treatment, etc. Usually, has the dog vetted once, and may have given the dog 2 shots and one worming, depending on how long the dog was in the shop.
Feeds a premium food May feed  a premium food, or may feed whatever is cheapest. Ask
Supplies adequate, safe, sanitary space for exercise and elimination Keeps puppies in small areas, usually getting little if any exercise and sanitation is poor.
Gives LOTS of attention and love Amount of attention given is dependent on  the time  staff has and  on customers who  inquire after the dog.  Usually insufficient socialization causing temperament problems for the new owner.
NEVER puts money ahead of the dog's welfare! ALWAYS puts money ahead of the dog's welfare.

Want to know MORE about puppy mills?  Check this out: Puppy Mills

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