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Brief History of the C.R.A.P. Organization

The CRAP organization of Mr. Royston T. Isidoro contains some training program related in computers. The members of this organization came from the different field of study in computers, thay recognized as designers, students, consultants, researchers, instructors, programmers, technicians. Before this was organized, there are two existing small groups, the PEMS (1994-1999) The Dragon Training Association, which the training society focused on martial arts without computer involved. SPaM Program (2000-July 2002) This another was found because the demand of time and required for some activities that is important and this group was more concentrated in Spiritual, Physical, and Mental activities. August 2002 was the CRAP was founded. THis organization has an objective to explain the obscure teachings of many computer books that came from different authors and make it clear to all the people who confused about computer by using investigation method, that's why the name of the organizaiton depends kon this situation, The Computer Researchers Association in the Philippines. This organization was created with the help of information about compters that make the founder to begin a new organization known as The CRAP Organization. Mr. Isidoro, the founder of this organizaiton was extremely concern woth the hidden teachings and incredible techniques or the tricks about computer. The thought of this organization is more on research even the consultant and instructor must make a research because they are require to make a statement for the latest events happened about computers, that's why in the training society, all the members of this organization will have a good insight about the hidden teachings and incredible techniques behind the world of computers. The principles of this organizaiton about computers are depends upon on the research that one of the member does. All members here in this organization are credited as a researcher even though they have an own position. Not because of being a researcher your intellectual capacity is too low, thus they are informed that although you're a computer consultant you can make a statements regarding computer by means of researching and besides you can defend the statements you made. Like being a leader, you don't need to get a course that will make you a leader.

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