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Bballjsc33 (7:00:24 PM): yo

Auto response from %s (7:00:25 PM): If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, just know that you are in my heart. You'll be in there forever! I'm in the shower. I love you so much, Ashleigh:-*! Dont Go Anywhere!!!!!!:-DO:-):-D

Session concluded at 7:03:06 PM
Bballjsc33 (7:10:12 PM): how many best friends do u have
DannYG3590 (7:10:30 PM): like 5 or 6
DannYG3590 (7:10:38 PM): friends that i can trust
Bballjsc33 signed off at 7:10:51 PM
Session concluded at 7:15:57 PM
Bballjsc33 (8:45:45 PM): yo
DannYG3590 (8:45:50 PM): hey
Bballjsc33 (8:46:35 PM): waz up
DannYG3590 (8:46:50 PM): nm u
Bballjsc33 (8:46:59 PM): about the same
Bballjsc33 (8:49:25 PM): r u reading a novel
DannYG3590 (8:49:30 PM): no
Bballjsc33 (8:49:42 PM): well did u read the summer book
DannYG3590 (8:49:52 PM): nope
Bballjsc33 (8:50:14 PM): this morning.......
DannYG3590 (8:50:24 PM): mornin?
DannYG3590 (8:50:45 PM): what did that mean?
Bballjsc33 (8:50:46 PM)
: u didn't say much
DannYG3590 (8:50:49 PM): i know
Bballjsc33 (8:50:53 PM): at all
DannYG3590 (8:50:54 PM): i dont talk much
Bballjsc33 (8:50:59 PM): u used to
DannYG3590 (8:51:12 PM): its hard to talk to my ex to her face
DannYG3590 (8:51:14 PM): DuH
Bballjsc33 (8:51:16 PM)
: now u don't say hardly nofin since we .
Bballjsc33 (8:51:28 PM): We
Bballjsc33 (8:51:40 PM): w?e**
DannYG3590 (8:51:44 PM): i know
Bballjsc33 (8:51:47 PM): w/e****
Bballjsc33 (8:52:02 PM): we i have 2nd thought about that
Bballjsc33 (8:52:08 PM): y did we even go out
DannYG3590 (8:52:12 PM): i dunno
Bballjsc33 (8:52:16 PM): ? :-\
DannYG3590 (8:52:17 PM): it ruined everything
Bballjsc33 (8:52:23 PM): i know
Bballjsc33 (8:52:26 PM): it's your fault
DannYG3590 (8:52:39 PM): its kinda hard to just throw that aside
Bballjsc33 (8:52:39 PM): ashleigh don't even sit with us anymore bc of u
Bballjsc33 (8:52:45 PM): and she wants to sit with me and
DannYG3590 (8:52:48 PM): it aint my fault
DannYG3590 (8:52:52 PM): she can sit newhere
DannYG3590 (8:53:00 PM)
: she chooses to be w/ me
Bballjsc33 (8:53:03 PM)
: she doesn't want me and u to sit at the same table
DannYG3590 (8:53:09 PM): i know
DannYG3590 (8:53:10 PM): lol
Bballjsc33 (8:53:12 PM)
: not what she told me
DannYG3590 (8:53:33 PM): i gotta make a move at church tomm......
DannYG3590 (8:53:41 PM): like :-*
DannYG3590 (8:53:45 PM): that kinda move
Bballjsc33 (8:53:50 PM): kool
DannYG3590 (8:53:57 PM): im shy
DannYG3590 (8:54:02 PM): not kool
Bballjsc33 (8:54:26 PM)
: what else did u want me to say
Bballjsc33 (8:54:33 PM): i am not the person to talk to this about
Bballjsc33 (8:54:38 PM): especally your ex
DannYG3590 (8:54:53 PM): yeah
DannYG3590 (8:54:55 PM): sorry
Bballjsc33 (8:55:06 PM)
: no sweat
Bballjsc33 (8:55:20 PM): i know somfin

Bballjsc33 (8:55:21 PM): about u
DannYG3590 (8:55:37 PM): shoot
Bballjsc33 (8:55:46 PM): but i don't wana get into again
Bballjsc33 (8:55:48 PM): so i am not
DannYG3590 (8:55:56 PM): bring it or i get mad
DannYG3590 (8:56:08 PM): u want silence i can give silence for good
Bballjsc33 (8:56:27 PM)
: good then do it
Bballjsc33 (8:56:31 PM): for good
DannYG3590 (8:56:35 PM): just tell me please
DannYG3590 (8:56:47 PM): i dont wanna get mad
Bballjsc33 signed off at 8:56:50 PM
DannYG3590 (9:00:00 PM): im tired
DannYG3590 (9:00:05 PM): gimme a break
Bballjsc33 (9:00:13 PM)
: o like i'ma not
Bballjsc33 (9:00:26 PM): i get up at 615 every morning and i go to bed at 10
Bballjsc33 (9:00:33 PM): i get plenty of sleep
DannYG3590 (9:00:36 PM): i can barley move after wolf's last night
Bballjsc33 (9:00:37 PM): but i am still sleepy
Bballjsc33 (9:00:45 PM): we
DannYG3590 (9:00:55 PM): i go to bed at 12 and wake up at 5:30
DannYG3590 (9:01:08 PM): im not tired??żż
Bballjsc33 (9:01:09 PM)
: daniel smells like a chicken's bottom
Bballjsc33 (9:01:19 PM): not my fault
Bballjsc33 (9:01:21 PM): go to bed n ow
Bballjsc33 (9:01:25 PM): get uup later
DannYG3590 (9:01:31 PM): ya knwo
DannYG3590 (9:01:50 PM): u tick me off sometimes but i just laugh afterword
Bballjsc33 (9:02:00 PM)
: what is that supposed to mean
DannYG3590 (9:02:00 PM): im not gunna say what i wanna say
Bballjsc33 (9:02:16 PM): don't confuse me
DannYG3590 (9:02:31 PM): im bitin my tongue
Bballjsc33 (9:02:36 PM): tell it
DannYG3590 (9:02:37 PM): i dont wanna be a jerk
Bballjsc33 (9:02:41 PM): be a jerk
Bballjsc33 (9:02:49 PM): tel me
Bballjsc33 (9:03:16 PM): tell me
DannYG3590 (9:03:17 PM): go blow hernia...... fuck the whole world...... you can suck aaron's rocket at the bus stop tommorrow
DannYG3590 (9:03:26 PM): ill just watch
DannYG3590 (9:03:34 PM)
: ya know
DannYG3590 (9:03:58 PM)
: fuck ti all...... and most of all fuck him
Bballjsc33 signed off at 9:04:05 PM
Session concluded at 9:05:51 PM