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Welcome to My Favorite links Page
1.) www.NBA.Com One of the best sites out on the net. If you are a Basketball lover like I am then you have to stop there at least once a day, either to check the highlights or just to check out the new trends and clothes at their online NBA store.
2.) My favorite music site, from my country (Croatia) of course. They also have other foreign and domestic music.For entertainment they have lots of games, in case a download takes to long.

Face Pic is a free site that lets you create your own webpage and share pictures and other things with its members. It is great and you can see who checked out your profile.

4.) Auto trader my favorites site to search for cars. It allows you to search for cars in a 25, 50, 75, and 100 mile radius for a car of your interest, defiantly the best online car finder site.
5.) Bored??, if you are and have a few minutes to spare I recommend going to This site is great because it has lots of jokes, not the old kinds that we hear all the time either.
6.) MTV. What else can I say, we all know it and probably watch/listen to it everyday.
7.) BET, there is nothing else to say, it is one of the great entertainment sources. I love those free style Fridays.
8.) If you happened to be a movie freak, this is the perfect site for you. This has all the up coming movies four years ahed. You can check out the movies that will be made four years from now.
9.) This site has all the game cheats for any platform, so for all you gamers out there give this site a try, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.
10.) can I say anything else, I'm a big soccer fan and this site is all about soccer.


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