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The Perfect Television Family


The simpsons, my favorite cartoon. I just had to include them into my page because it perfectly illustrates how a family relationship should not be. They lack any kind of responsibility towards oneanother or for that matter life itself. Homer has so many accidents on a daily basis at home as a dad, that I'm surprised he hasn't blown that nuclear powerplant and the reactor at his job jet. The Simpsons are my favorite source of television entertainment. Though there are so many stupid and funny things that happened in the cartoon, every episode teaches the audience a lesson.

My Family

The word family is a very important word to me. Family to me means to have a strong emotional, physical, and unbreakable bond with someone, to me family always comes first, because whenever I was down to my last straw, hurt, or discouraged/afraid, my family has always been there for me. One thing I will never forget and always will be thankful for is the great sacrifices that my parents did to get my brother and me to the U.S. so that we can have a better future. My parents abandoned our home, our family - their parents, to come to a new world where they don't speak the language that society requires them to, in order to get good jobs. As long as I live and when I die I will take these memories with me and never ever forget them. That is why I am dedicating this web page to my family, as a little thank you present. I know that what I can never thank my parents enough but I know that if I achieve what my parents brought me here to do it will make them happy, and that is to get a good education - so far I am realizing that goal.


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