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this website is no longer active
I'm the Taxman
this site was dedicated to the late George Harrison

last update: 8/16/05

from the webmaster:
i want to thank all my Hari friends and fans of my old site. you've really helped me through this difficult time- i can't tell you how much that means to me. at the moment i'm so busy with work/school/life, that i am unable to complete my new website, Cheer Down, but i hope that in the not too distant future i will be able to construct something to fill this empty space. again, thank you so much and bless you all.
btw, if you haven't gotten Brainwashed yet, you're really missing out! i think it's Hari's best - it's the best album i've ever heard! jeff and dhani did a wonderful job of putting it together. visit to learn more about the album.
also- i put kiss hari back up, so you can have fun with that. i may be adding more soon. have a great summer, everyone! peace,love&light ~hari_girl (ashley bedhead)

this is, has been, and always will be a humble fan site only, so all you lawyer types, take your cockamamie business elsewhere!!

please visit this excellent Hari website

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