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Steve Richards Demo-WOZZ-Appleton,WI./Thee Rock n Roll Oasis

Sound-byte samples from
WOZZ 93.5 fm "The Classic Rock Station"

The following are a few short "clips" from the broadcast booth at WOZZ 93.5 fm, in Appleton, WI.
WOZZ is a 50,000 watt, Classic Rocker', and was a VERY enjoyable experience for me.
I had the opportunity to meet and/or interview many notables in the World of Rock n Roll,
including Eric Burdon, Ted Nugent, Stephen Stills, Paul Rodgers, and many others.
These MP3 files will take a few minutes to load. My motivation for recording these MP3's has been based on YOUR interest.
I hope to have more available in the near future!
NOTE: after you play the audio files..REFRESH/RELOAD your browser
to get the animation MOVING again!

Eric Burdon & Madman
ERIC BURDON: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, & living Legend!
Read the full interview at Thee Rock n Roll Oasis~ "Concert Review Page"

NOW.....Before you review the "demo-clips" below,
LISTEN to these helpful Reminders!!
  CLICK to hear Helpful Reminder #~1

  CLICK to hear Helpful Reminder #~2

  #1 CLICK to start the "Intro-Clip" from the WOZZ Studios
Then CLICK the remaining MP3 files below to finish the "demo"!
Also hear a 60 sec. commercial & "groupie-farewell" below!








  #2 CLICK to hear Steve do a 60 sec. commercial for Fort Freemont Marine

  #2 CLICK to hear Steve's "Groupies" say FAREWELL the Concert Pictorial Page

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