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Skiyente Ski Club
P.O. Box 56342
Portland, OR 97238
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Related Sites
Below are several websites for organizations Skiyente is affiliated with or uses. NWSCC is a large part of our skiing community and our members rely on updated information on "Our" mountain, Mt.Hood, is home to three ski resorts which are listed below. They too have up to date information on weather conditions and pertinent skiing information for us. We apologize to our contributors for not listing all our associates due to space limitations.

NW Skiers

This Portland area based organization oversees 35 plus clubs in Oregon and Washington

FWSA (Far West Ski Association)

This is a volunteer, not for profit organization overseeing 10 different councils including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Wyoming.

The Mt.Hood Meadows

The Mt.Hood Meadows resort website has a lot to offer. Their weather and snow conditions are right at your fingerprints as are the latest happenings on the east side of "our" mountain.

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge is one of America's original ski resorts and the only summer ski resort in North America.

Mt.Hood Skibowl

Skibowl/Multorpor the ski area at Government Camp's back door has been known by other names and is the nation's largest night ski operation.