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This guide originally appeared on the Relentless Monks page.

Lower Guk


Lower Guk is one of the two primary dungeons for high level characters (35-50). While there are other hunting areas open now, lower guk continues to be one of the most crowded dungeons at primetime. One of the major reasons for this is that the loot here is very good, with many of the "best of" class items available here. Lower Guk can give very good experience, especially at the off hours, but during primetime, finding good uncamped hunting areas can become very difficult.
Lower Guk is accessible from Upper Guk in 4 areas, however, 3 of the 4 entrances lead to near the same spot, called the "dead side entrance". The entrance from upper guk that is further away from the rest leads to the "live side entrance". Guk is typically divided into two sections, live side and dead side. The live side contains live frogloks, while the dead side contains froglok ghouls. These two factions are supposedly warring, although they won't attack each other or anything like that.
The live side is less camped than the dead side, because many people don't want to hurt their froglok faction. Live side also has alot more wanderers, so it can be considered more dangerous, and I'm sure many many people get lost in the maze on the live side.
The monsters here range from the Shin Knights at minimum level 27, to the Froglok King and Guk knights, who reach level 49.


Much like Upper Guk, frogloks come in different varieties. In Lower Guk, there are no warriors.. only knights, shaman and wizards. The live side has knights and shaman, the dead side has knights and wizards. The dead side creatures can also ghoulroot like any other ghoul. In Lower Guk, there are a completely different set of clans from Upper Guk. There are also many other monsters in Lower Guk. The most common is the Greater Minotaur, which you can find on the live side of lower guk. These guys are very similar to Wan Knights in ability and level. On the dead side, you will find Gargoyles, Black Widows, Vampire Bats, and Greater Ice Bone Skeletons, all of which range from 30-35. Rarely a Basilisk will randomly spawn somewhere in Lower Guk. They are extremely weak and easy to kill.

Map and Breakdown of Lower Guk

Once again, the best maps of Lower Guk are Quester of Norrath's. Not only are the extremely accurate, but they look nice too.

[map of lower guk]

Lots of spots to detail here

1. Live Side Entrance Area - This area from the zone to this point is the entrance area of the live side. Lots of people set up in this area and pull to here. This is a pretty nice place to set up, except that you're in the path of any live side trains. It's probably best to pull from the maze to here for awhile until the way is clear and you can set up camp elsewhere. This area is mostly Shin Knights, and an occassional Tsu shaman. There is a little know secret wall right before the bridge on the left side that leads to the upper area. Nothing of interest here though. Falling off the bridge on the left side is a nice shortcut to the Shin Knight Water Room (13). Past the (1) marker is the live side maze, which occupies the majority of the live side. Be careful here, it's easy to get lost in this maze, and it's alot deadlier than that Cazic Thule maze. The easiest way to get through the maze is to hug the right wall all the way to the jail room (4) and then cut straight through. This will take you to the evil eye room (5), from where it is easy to get to any of the other major named spawns.
2. Three Minotaur Room - 3 Minotaurs spawn in this room. If you are camping the patriarch, this is a good place to do it from, otherwise you might lose the patriarch to passer-bys. There's also a special froglok spawn named Slaythe the Slayer, who dropped some broken bow quest item or something. He spawns near here, but I don't have any other information on him.
3. Patriarch Spawn - This is where the minotaur patriarch spawns. He's around level 35, and a ranger mob, which makes him a real pushover. Common drop is the Azure Sleeves (one of the best sleeves in the game for alot of classes) and rare is the Ebony Bladed Sword (good ranger only sword). I've found that the common/rare ratio is closer to 60/40 rather than the standard 80/20 of most monsters.
4. Jail Room - One of the few rooms in the maze which is easy to distinguish from others, this room has 3 jail cells in it. It also spawns 3 Wan/Urd monsters. It's mostly used as a landmark.
5. Evil Eye - The evil eye is a level 35 wizard mob that can see invis. He spawns about 80% of the time, and drops the Bag of Sewn Evil Eye (common), and used to drop the Manastone (rare). Conflicting reports say that the manastone still drops, but like 1-2% of the time. Dunno for sure. This room is useful as a camping spot (not at the eye itself, but at the shore between the jail room and the eye. It's also easy to get to the different areas of live side from here. Facing out from the evil eye cubby hole, left will lead you to the live side keep (6), right will lead to to the jail room (4) or the noble room (7), and straight will take you to the elder room (12) or dead side.
6. Live Keep - Sometimes called the castle, or the live tower. It's a common misconception that the Froglok king is here. He's not. The keep spawns the Yun Priest and the Crusader. The keep has 3 levels. The roof and entry bridge are usually Vis and Wans, the second floor is Zols and Yuns, and the bottom floor is Zols and Dars, and rarely a Bok. You need a good 38ish group to do the priest properly, and a good 42ish group to do the crusader. If your group is good, you can set up camp in the Priest room and pull the crusader. The priest spawns in a room on the second floor, and the crusader spawns in the middle spot at the end of the third floor. Both are uncommon spawns. Priest is a 39ish cleric, and drops silver plated leggings (common) and amethyst bracelet (rare). The crusader, a 42ish paladin, drops the Runed Falchion (common) and the Runed Mithril Tunic (rare). Watch out, the crusader can lay hands.
7. Noble Room - This room is where the froglok noble spawns (37ish enchanter). It's also the entrance to the super hard area of the live side. There is a gateway here. If you go through it, it will lead you towards the king. This room is another easily identifiable landmark. The noble drops the white-gold necklace (common) and the gilded cloth (rare). The gilded cloth would be an awesome item if monks could use it. Hehe.
8. Huge Elemental Room - The huge elemental is a really annoying super aggro see-invis mob. And while his name says he's huge, he's actually smaller than a standard elemental. Weird. Even though my froglok faction was dubious, he attacked me, and the zols in the room assisted him. He's about level 40, and he looks like a water elemental. He drops nothing. I believe he's mostly here as a deterrant to explorers. He also hits quite hard.
9. King Prep Room - This room usually has a few Boks and Kors, as well as a high level Granite Gargoyle, and is a great place to pull the king to if you're trying to break the spawn. There is also a wanderer that goes from here to the king room, and Dars aren't uncommon.
10. Herbalist Room - This is where the Froglok Herbalist spawns, along with one other Dar level mob. He is a shaman mob. Drops Mithril Frog Totem (common), and Shimmering White Shroud (rare).
11. Froglok King Room - The bad-assesed monster in Lower Guk, the King is a level 47 paladin, has at four guards, including boks and kors, and drops the Crown of the Froglok King (common), and the Mithril Two Handed Sword (rare). He's got a ton of hit points, plus a lay hands. You can usually tell when he has the sword since he wields it. Behind him is a zone to upper guk, which takes you to the innothule entrance of upper guk. It makes a very good escape from bad pulls or a king fight gone horribly wrong. It's faster than evacing, since the tanks don't have to run from South Ro. Occassionally, one of the guards spawns the Froglok Tactician, a high level wizard. Drops Black Tome with Silver Runes (common, also known as najena book), and Platinum Tiara (rare).
12. Elder Room - This room spawns the Minotaur Elder. Be careful, as there is a pit-trap leading into the pit in this room which can kill you if you aren't careful. The elder himself spawns inside the pit, and is a pretty common spawn. He drops the Chrysoberyl Talisman (common) and the Carved Ivory Mask (rare). This is another good area to set up camp. From this room, you can get to the dead side of lower guk pretty easily, and I've actually pulled dead frogs and other stuff from the dead side when camping here. A small tower leads from live side to dead side. Raster of Guk, an extremely rare spawn monk who drops the Idol spawns here as well, in the upper alcove in the room next to the cauldron. The Idol is used for a monk quest (Robe of the Lost Circle). By the way, the pit is a pretty safe area. If you fall down the trap, you can fight _just_ the elder spawn with nothing else joining. He may suicide when trying to flee though.
13. Shin Knight Room - This area of lower guk is one of the few areas that I've consistently found uncamped. It has about 8 or so Shin Knights that spawn here, and it's a pretty good place to pull the maze to. There's also a corridor between the two rooms which no patrollers go through. A small group can make use of this corridor as a safe pulling zone.

[map of lower guk]

14. Bedroom - Aka "BR", this is one of the biggest landmarks in the zone. It's mostly considered the entryway into dead side lower guk, and alot of time there will be a group in that room, killing the frogs, spiders, bats, and gargoyles that are easily pullable. Many expeditions to lower guk begin at the bedroom, where the group will get together, buff and invis up, and then head to their destination. It's a pretty good experience area, but I mostly ask if it's camped so that I know I can head over there and meet my party. It's also a good place to get invis to undead. This camp is also the most common to break and run to zone. People get complacent here, and get hit by the respawn, or pull too many of the greater ice bone skeletons, which causes alot of trouble and they run to zone. If you are in a bedroom group, suggest they move to the spider room and pull from there. This room is also in the path of EVERY dead side train. Beware.

15. Spider Room - Another common location to camp for bedroom hunters. It's out of train paths, and you can pull bats, spiders and gargoyles with ease. Only thing to watch out for is another group in the bedroom stealing your spawns. Good xp.
16. Greater Ice Bone Skeleton Room - Also called GIBs or Gibs or GIB Room. 4 Greater Ice Bone Skeletons spawn here, and they end up killing alot of the lamer parties that try to pull them. Very annoying monsters. Around 32-33ish.
17. Ritualist Spawn - This entire area is known as the bridge. Crossing the bridge leads to the tower, and falling off the bridge to the left is a quick way to the bottom floor of lower guk dead side. The marked spawn is the ritualist. Normally 3 tal wizards spawn here. Sometimes a ritualist spawns instead, who is a necromancer, around 32. Drops Black Embroidered Cape (common) and Black Embroidered Sleeves (rare). One of the least sought after spawns in Lower Guk :). If you turn right at the bridge, you can go down to live side of lower guk.
18. Gargoyle Spawns - Three gargoyles spawn here. They drop some good loot, including something for bard quest armor. Usually pulled by elder room, SR camp, or BR camp.
19. Store Room - aka SR. The first of the profitable dead side camps. This room is off to the side and up a ladder. Usually 3 wan levels spawn in here. There are also 2 rare spawns here - Ghoul Assassin, who drops Mask of Deception (common) and Serrated Bone Dirk (rare), and Ghoul Supplier, who drops Light Burlap Sack (common) and Thick Banded Belt (rare).

[map of lower guk]

20. Waterfall Room - There are no spawns anywhere near this. This is where the Scepter of Sorrows drops, for some necro quest.

21. Ghoul Lord - I kinda messed up the number ordering here. This is where the lord of the dead frogs resides, the Ghoul Lord. He spawns with some nasty Bok and Guk guards, and is a level 47ish Shadowknight. He drops the Skull Shaped Barbute (common) and the Short Sword of the Ykesha (rare). Toughest fight in dead side.
22. Hand Room - The reanimiated hand spawns here, above the water in this room. The hand is a level 39ish wizard, and spawns with a dar or zol guard. He drops the Serpentine Bracers (common) and the Admantite Band (rare). One of the wizard ice comet rods drops here too. The hand spawns 100%, which makes the serp bracers pretty damn common.
23. Archmagi Room - The archmagi is a rare spawn, and is guarded by 2 dars. He's a tough ass wizard (44ish?), with alot of hit points and high magic resist. He drops Silversilk Leggings (common), and the Shiny Metallic Robe (rare).
24. Frenzied Ghoul Room - There are 3 spots in this room, each of which can rarely be a frenzied ghoul. Frenzied ghouls hit very hard, especially when they have a flowing black sil sash. Alternately, these spots can be bloodthirsty ghouls, or dars. Frenzieds drop moonstone rings (common) or the Flowing Black Silk Sash (rare).
25. Sentinel Spawn - A pretty uncommon spawn, the sentinel drops the Darkmail Gauntlets (common) and Brigandine Tunic (rare). Almost always camped by same group as the sash. Note that the area marked on the map is a triple spawn, but the sentinel is not one of them. The sentinel spawns alone in the secret passage room to the west of this marked spot.
26. Slave Room - The only uncamped room in lower guk. This room has a zol and a dar in it, and the rest of the mobs are level 5 froglok slaves. Whee, fun to kill. (On a side note, I forgot to mark a spot on the map. Just above the "C" on the bottom floor map, there is a sharp L turn. This spot is one of the few areas that no wanderers come to. It's a safe area, and some people even bind here. After dropping off the bridge at C, most people regroup here.

[map of lower guk]

27. Cavalier Room - Working our way up from the bottom floor, the Cavalier spawns here. He's around a level 37 shadowknight, and uncommon. Drops the Admantite Epolets (common) and the Dark Reaver (rare). Usually camped by the savant group.

28. Sage Room - The sage spawns in this room. Watch out, he will be assisted by the spawns behind the secret wall here. He is pretty rare. He's a 37ish wizard. Drops Braided Cinch Cord (common) and Runed Cowl (rare). This room is kinda tough because of the amount of wizards that spawn here. The scribe also spawns here, and drops some quest items. No one knows what they are for.
29. Executioner Room - The froglok executioner spawns on the platform in the middle of this room (which is easy to recognize because of the cages in the room trapping froglok slaves). He's a 37ish warrior, and drops the Executioner's Hood (common) and the Executioner's Axe (rare).
30. Savant Room - The gateway to most of the spawns in the tower, the savant is uncommon, and drops the Enamalled Black Mace (common) and Enamelled Black Chestplate (rare). If you are gonna camp the whole tower, this is the place to pull to. The scribe spawns somewhere around here, and drops the Parchment of Flayed Skin (common) and some Quill (rare). I believe both of these are quest items.

Suggested Hunting

Thanks to Gholam Stickyfingers for numerous corrections.