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That old mule is at it again
I see a smile upon his face.
It didn't take long to figure him out.
Bout two weeks after he came to our place.

I went out to brush Papa's new mule
But couldn't find him anywhere.
And then on the other side of the fence,
I saw him just standing there.

The fence was up and the gate was closed,
Now how on earth could this be?
I vowed that I'd watch him closer next time
To find out how he got hisself free.

I turned the mule back in the pasture
And then I hid behind the barn.
I swear what I'm about to tell you is ture,
Papa never raised me to tell no yarns.

That old mule looked all around,
He made sure no one was watching him.
Then he walked to the fence and gave a big sigh,
It's crazy but I saw that mule grin.

He reached out his nose and touched the fence,
Looked to me like that mule was measuring it.
Then he reared up on high with his front legs tucked in,
And over the fence he went.

Well, my eyes got big as I ran to the house
To tell Papa what that mule just did.
Papa looked doubtful as he listened to me,
Then he sent me off to my bed.

That mule got me in trouble more times than one.
The fence jumping was just the beginning.
And every time Papa would send me to bed,
I swear that old mule was grinnin'.

I got the blame when the chickens got out.
It took me all day to catch them.
But I saw that old mule out by the coop,
And when he left, the gate stood open.

Each time that Ma hung up the clothes
They didn't stay long on the line.
That mule pulled them off then gave me a grin
And of course the blame was all mine.

I guess the last straw happened one day
When Pa's mare got in with the jack.
Pa swore it was me that planned it that way,
But I told him he was way off track.

According to Pa, that mule did no wrong,
As I felt my heart starting to sink.
When Pa reached for his belt, I glanced at that mule,
And I swear he gave Pa a wink.

by Kathy Dynge

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