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"We've been together so long now Jack,
It feels like we are one.
We've searched these hills a thousand times
Beneath the harsh hot sun.

We never found our fortune.
But you can't say we didn't try.
All those dusty miles we went
Under the desert sky.

Of all the gold and silver
There might be upon this earth,
None of them means more to me
Then what our friendship's worth.

Our world you carried upon your back
Through wind and rain and shine.
And when the going got too rough,
I shared the load on mine.

The memories were many,
And we shared quite a few.
But the greatest memories of them all
Were the times I spent with you.

A truer friend I never found.
We sure were a pair weren't we?
You with a heart as big as the hills.
And me loving all I could see.

I wish I could have made it better,
I know the times were lean.
Never once did I hear you complain
For your heart was following our dreams.

So Jack, I've found my treasure
I'm the richest man there is.
No need to keep on searching,
For we gave all we could give.

But now I'm afraid it's over,
These old bones just can't go on.
I hate to leave you like this pal,
But you'll have to go it alone."

And so the old man closed his eyes,
His life had run it's race.
And the very last thing he felt,
Were Jack's tears upon his face.

by Kathy Dynge

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